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How to Write a War Essay

War Essay

When we discuss human history, we cannot leave out conflicts. Nations and different groups have gone to war to attain their goals. Tremendous growth has taken place over the years and thus so has the intensity of war. Modern technology like drones, as well as various manufacturing industries for weaponry like nuclear, has made war devastating.

What is a war essay

Definition of a war essay is a piece of writing with the intent to discuss war or conflicts that occurred both in the past and present. War essays have argumentative and narration characteristics in the attempt to describe an occurrence that happened. During writing a war essay you should consider writing what happened before the conflict or war concerning causing it. The after results of the war are also included in the essay homework paper.

War essay outline

During the writing of war essays, you should use the traditional style that comprises the introduction, body, and wind-up. The goal of having an outline during the writing of a war essay is to ensure that the work done is planned and data is chronologically planned. Lecturers can determine specifications for you to follow if need be but in case no specific rules are set, you should use the traditional means.

War essay introduction

Here is where you welcome the reader to your piece of writing. You should do a definition of the concept of war to determine the various reasons that may cause the occurrence. Discuss the importance of studying wars and comprehending all the aspects. The last sentence of your introduction should have your thesis statement.

War essay body paragraph

The first part of your essay body should contain the causes of the war in context. What political, economic, and social reasons instigated the occurrence of the war? Discuss the reasons with valid reasons and evidence.

The second paragraph should contain historical reasons that may have affected the war. Talk about the major players that were involved in the war. This will include leaders of the different factions that affected the war. You will converse about the allies and enemies and the reason why the said constituents took sides. In this section, you can talk about the structure of command in the conflicting parties.

The third section should be about the war itself. You should talk about the strategies used in the war. During conversing about strategies you should look at the planning that went in place in preparation for the war. Talk about the weapons that were in play to determine and validate the strategies used by the conflicting parties.

The last section of the body contains the after results of the war. The impact of the said war on people who were not involved should be placed here. Discuss how common citizens and leadership were affected and the impact on the way of life or economy of the people involved in the war.

War essay conclusion

This is the section where you wind up the piece of writing. You should do a summary of your essay without much expounding. You should only talk about the major points. You should talk about your opinion of the war. After researching your war essay, you should add references that readers can visit if they require more information.

The template above should be enough to assist you to write a top-notch essay. The outline of an essay is an important part of the writing of the piece of paper and helps a lot as the reader will know where to find specific information if need be.

Topics about war essay

When choosing topics about war essays, you should consider choosing a topic that will have enough content to facilitate the writing of your war essay. The topic should be interesting to capture the attention of the reader. The topic should contain argumentative perspectives to make it interesting. If the essay topic is not argumentative, you should ensure it is open for definitive characteristics.

Popular war essay topics

  1. The German invasion of land that was owned by Britain and Greece
  2. Falling of the soviet union and its part in the creation of the cold war
  3. How the USA is fighting human trafficking locally?
  4. Religious Values that Affect the War
  5. Outcomes of fighting terrorism
  6. An account of the activities that made the USA get involved in the Korean War
  7. Discuss the war that happened between the USA and Britain
  8. Give an account of the history of the cold war
  9. Describe why the Arabs were defeated by the Israeli army in 6 days
  10. Why were 300000 US soldiers present in France in 1918
  11. Converse about why Vietnam was declining to adhere to colonial powers
  12. The Effect of Vietnam on the cold war
  13. The war about control of North American lands between the French and Indians
  14. The social changes that occurred due to the African-American war
  15. Account for the position of Nazis in the First War
  16. Describe the Patriots War that involved rebellion of the lower Canadian territories
  17. Reasons behind strong states losing wars against weaker ones
  18. DEA war on drugs
  19. The stand of the USA concerning Taiwan
  20. Why the USA returned Afghanistan to people who were tagged as terrorist
  21. War present in the Oman region
  22. The war between Israel and Palestine
  23. The conflict that resulted in the splitting of Sudan
  24. The civil war of resources that exists in the rich Congo nation
  25. The conflict between North and South Korea
  26. Safety of the USA in going to war in the Middle East
  27. Effects of the Cuban War
  28. Use of nuclear weapons by USA on Japan
  29. The killing of Jews in World War 2
  30. Russia-Ukraine war

 Russia-Ukraine war example

The Russia-Ukraine conflict started because of the Donbas region. The President of Russia believed that the Russian-speaking population which is the majority in the Donbas region was being oppressed by the Ukraine government. In Putin’s words, he said that genocide was being done and as a result ordered an invasion of Ukraine’s land. The diplomatic conversation had been going on since 2014 and the invasion occurred in February 2022. The name of the invasion of Russia into Ukraine was named ‘special military operation.’

Putin was also vocal about the advancement of the NATO military alliance that wanted to include Ukraine in its fold of nations. If such a thing would happen, it would bring NATO weapons to the border of the Russian nation. The paramount state of the NATO alliance is the United States of America. Russia and USA have had tensed relations throughout the cold war and President Putin would not prefer this as it would be dangerous to have enemies’ weapons in case diplomatic relations went southwards. Furthermore, there was a treaty that was signed after the collapse of the Soviet Union that stated that the NATO alliance would not move further east.

Russian reasons to invade Ukraine have been thrown outside the window of consideration by Ukraine and the Western nations who form the NATO alliance. Ukraine is in a state of emergency and martial law is being administered. The Western nations are providing funding and assistance to Ukraine to assist them to fight the war. Sanctions have been placed on the Russian state but ongoing economical changes have offered Russia a helping hand as most nations are opting to overturn the petrodollar and instead use their currency. This case would help the state of Russia as it would be able to trade with other nations bypassing the use of the dollar.

The results of the war have been damaging, not only to Ukraine but to the rest of the World. Economies that are being ravaged by the high cost of living have to find ways t adapt to the lack of resources that are produced by Ukraine. The main shortage is being felt in wheat industries. Sanctions placed on Russia are damaging most countries’ economies as they are a huge resource source. Shortages in natural gas, fertilizers, and oil are the main effects of the sanctions placed. Other effects include state-of-the-art buildings and important necessities being destroyed in the war. President Zelenskyy is continuously looking for assistance from different governments.

To wind up

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