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Vygotsky Should Be More Highly Regarded Than Other Theorists

Vygotsky Should Be More Highly Regarded Than Other Theorists

The psychological understanding of development was distinct for psychologist theorists Vygotsky, Freud, Piaget, and Skinner. Freud’s most famous research studies do not show solid evidence of his proposed psychosexual development stages. Freud was influential because he led the way in the significance of the unconscious levels of human minds (Newman & Holzman, 2013). Piaget viewed children’s cognitive development and the stages in which children develop the abilities to learn and think (Weiner, Reynolds & Miller, 2012). Skinner disagreed with Freud’s understanding that people learn through conditioning (Newman & Holzman, 2013). Regarding early childhood, special education, and adult literacy, Freud’s theory fails to provide sufficient evidence on learning and development. However, Vygotsky, Piaget, and Skinner contributed to adult literacy, early childhood, and special education, but Vygotsky should be highly regarded.

Regarding early childhood development, Piaget needs to be highly regarded. According to Piaget’s phases of cognitive development, children have brains that function differently from adults (Newman & Holzman, 1993). Significant growth such as egocentrism, pretend play, and object permanence helped explain cognitive abilities in childhood development (Newman & Holzman, 2013). Conversely, Vygotsky referred to Piaget’s works, but incorporating more elaborate features into previously founded theories makes Vygotsky worthy of high regard.

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Skinner and Vygotsky highly influenced the field of special education. For instance, the token economy can benefit autistic students by giving them motivation, direction, and learning structure (Weiner, Reynolds & Miller, 2012). Vygotsky’s zone theory about proximal development has also positively impacted special education programs. The concept is that an experienced teacher or learner can help children learn. If students learn alone, they will likely experience challenges with self-control, focusing, and concentration to comprehend the content. Therefore, they need an aiding facilitator and other students in class.

Lastly, Vygotsky’s theory requires more recognition regarding adult literacy. For instance, children may not understand a language because of cognitive challenges and environmental and cultural factors (Weiner, Reynolds & Miller, 2012). Vygotsky comprehended that these factors were important to consider in assisting students. Thus, although Vygotsky borrowed some ideas from previous theorists, he researched other vital aspects that helped him understand early childhood development, special education, and adult literacy.


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Vygotsky Should Be More Highly Regarded Than Other Theorists

Vygotsky Should Be More Highly Regarded Than Other Theorists

According to Newman and Holzman (1993), Vygotsky should be more highly regarded than Piaget, Freud, or Skinner in terms of his influence on the studies of early childhood, special education, and adult literacy. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? Back up your opinion with specific information regarding each theorist and their theory.
Source: Newman, F., & Holzman, L. (1993). Lev Vygotsky: Revolutionary scientist. London: Routledge.

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