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Volunteer Experience in Relation to Behavioral Health

Volunteer Experience in Relation to Behavioral Health

I had the chance to participate in various creative arts activities this week at my volunteer site, including painting, drawing, crafts, and helping with homework. I worked closely with staff and other volunteers as a cooperative team member to ensure the people we served had a great and meaningful experience. Helping to lead creative arts activities was one of my critical tasks. I assisted the participants as they explored their artistic talents and found various forms of expression. I observed how people could express their emotions and experiences through painting and drawing, which aligned with my academic curriculum in Behavioral Health with a focus on family relations.

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In my academic career, I have discovered the significance of art therapy as a tool for healing and self-expression, particularly in the context of family relations. Through my volunteer work, I could see directly how participating in the arts can benefit individuals and families. For instance, I helped a young child with trouble expressing his emotions. He conveyed his feelings and thoughts through painting, which gave his family and caregivers crucial new information. This practical illustration confirmed the information I learned from my academic coursework. It highlighted how influential art can be as a therapeutic tool for promoting emotional expression and communication, especially in family relationships. I became more aware of the relevance of including such interventions in my future practice after seeing the transforming impact of creative arts activities on the people I worked with. This week, I used my academic learning through my volunteer work, which deepened my comprehension of how the creative arts affect people and families. I’m excited to keep fusing my volunteer work and schooling to advance my knowledge of behavioral health with a focus on family relations.


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Volunteer Experience in Relation to Behavioral Health

Volunteer Experience in Relation to Behavioral Health

The purpose of the journal entry is to provide a weekly overview of the type of duties you carried out during your volunteer or internship experience and relate this to your current academic coursework in Behavioral health with an emphasis on family dynamics.
In 250-300 words, describe the general responsibilities you managed this week at your volunteer or internship site, working collaboratively with a team: This week, I assisted with creative arts activities such as painting, drawing, crafts, and homework.
Reflect on your academic experience thus far and relate an aspect of your volunteer experience to the knowledge you gained previously or a real-world example.

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