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Volunteer Experience as an After-School Assistant

Volunteer Experience as an After-School Assistant

During my time as an after-school assistant at my volunteer site, I was entrusted with a range of general responsibilities that allowed me to work collaboratively with a team. These duties encompassed creating and implementing engaging activities for the children, providing homework assistance, promoting positive behavior, and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment. As part of a team, I collaborated with fellow volunteers and staff members to ensure the smooth operation of the program and the well-being of the children in our care.

As a behavioral health specialist with an emphasis on family dynamics, my academic coursework has provided me with a solid foundation in understanding human behavior, the impact of social environments, and effective communication strategies. This knowledge has proven invaluable in my volunteer role. Understanding and addressing the diverse family dynamics that influence children’s behavior and development is a key component of effective behavioral health interventions (Rivera et al., 2022).

In particular, I encountered a situation where a child was displaying disruptive behavior and struggled with forming positive relationships with peers. Drawing from my academic experience, I recognized the importance of considering the child’s family dynamics in understanding their behavior. I engaged in open communication with the child’s parents, seeking to gain insights into their home environment and any potential stressors. By fostering a supportive and non-judgmental relationship, I was able to collaborate with the family and develop strategies to address the child’s challenges.

This real-world example highlights the relevance of my academic coursework in behavioral health. It reinforces the significance of considering the broader context in which individuals operate and recognizing the influence of family dynamics on behavior and mental well-being. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of effective communication and collaboration with families as a means to support positive change.


Rivera, C. E., Coyne, L. W., Daigle, K. M., Guzick, A., Reid, A., & Shea, S. (2022). Mindfulness, parenting behavior, and children’s mental health: An investigation among diverse, low-income mothers of preschool-aged children. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science.


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Volunteer Experience as an After-School Assistant

Volunteer Experience as an After-School Assistant

The purpose of the journal entry is to provide an overview of the type of duties you carried out at your volunteer site and relate this to your current academic coursework in behavioral health with an emphasis on family dynamics.
In 250–300 words, describe the general responsibilities you managed as an after-school assistant at your volunteer or internship site as you worked collaboratively with a team.
Reflect on your academic experience as a behavioral health specialist thus far and relate an aspect of your volunteer experience to the knowledge you gained previously or a real-world example.

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