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Voluntary and Mandatory Sustainable Practices

Voluntary and Mandatory Sustainable Practices

Utilizing legislation or regulation to enforce sustainable practices is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have sustainable practices that are highly detrimental to the environment. This was the case when semiconductor makers were forced by regulation to cease the use of CFC-generating solvents. (Clark et al. 1994). The practice of using ozone-depleting chemicals was viewed as a significant threat to the environment; continued use would have an exponential negative effect on the environment. Laws and regulations were necessary to protect the environment’s overall health and safety. Then there are those sustainable practices that are not as detrimental to preserving the environment; they are just the right thing to do and do not require laws or regulations. As a California resident, I found this the case when SB 270 was passed to prohibit single-use, carryout plastic bags. ( the grand scheme, banning single-use plastic bags is good for the environment; less waste in landfills, waterways, etc. However, it has been reported that States that have enacted similar laws have increased resource use, manufacturing, and greenhouse gas emissions due to an increased demand for larger trash bags, paper, and reusable bags. I believe there was a more effective way to promote the sustainable practice of reducing single-use plastic bags without creating a law that essentially forced the use of “alternatives” that cost consumers and the environment more. Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.


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Voluntary and Mandatory Sustainable Practices

Voluntary and Mandatory Sustainable Practices

If a community rejects non-legislative efforts to adopt sustainable practices, should it be forced upon them through laws or regulations? Defend your response.

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