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Virtual Communities of Practice

Virtual Communities of Practice

Much scientific information related to health is inaccessible to many individuals due to geographic location and healthcare disparities (Struminger et al., 2017). Hence, there is a need to disseminate this healthcare information to the population to enhance health promotion that will address social, cultural, and public health promotion. Technological advancements have promoted information sharing and online education for both patients and healthcare professions in recent years. Nurses can leverage telemedicine to help them deliver patient-centered health promotion programs (Struminger et al., 2017). Due to the existing online social networks, nurses can implement virtual communities of practice which can help bring individuals who are in different geographical locations together.

They can use these virtual communities of practice to promote health promotion programs. These programs can involve nursing education and collaborative learning, which will be sensitive to cultures. They can educate the general population on lifestyle modifications and dietary changes, which can help in disease prevention.

Virtual communities of practice can help nurses utilize scarce healthcare resources to promote nursing education and break the distance barrier, which promotes access to healthcare information to the population and helps implement health promotion programs in different geographical locations. This will help reduce preventable mortalities through innovative strategies since the general population will have the necessary knowledge to prevent these conditions.

For nurses to be able to implement virtual communities of practice, they must be computer literate. Nurses must effectively apply nursing informatics to deliver quality health promotion programs to their patients (Sewell, 2019). They can use nursing informatics to gather information concerning the population of interest. This will ensure they will implement strategies that take into account the population and cultural beliefs.


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In two or more paragraphs, discuss how virtual communities of practice enhance health promotion strategies that address social, cultural, and public health promotion.

Virtual Communities of Practice

Virtual Communities of Practice

Two references are required. APA format. One reference from scholarly nursing journals, an informatics journal, or a technology journal, and one reference from your text to support your initial post and response.

Sewel, J ( 2019).Informatics and nursing: Opportunities and challenges ( 6th. ed). Wolters Kluwer

ISBN-13: 978-1496394064

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