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Video Review-Thoughts and Feelings

Video Review-Thoughts and Feelings

In the video, Jonathan Haidt uses two opposing roles to characterize the debate on free speech versus student psychological safety. I found his ideas to be a little heavy-handed. For one, he points out that children become more resilient or stronger when exposed to shocks. However, he does not talk about the optimal shock level considering a child’s age because once this level is exceeded, that child will be damaged all their life. Further, he compares the immune system or bones to one’s resilience. He argues that the more one is exposed to viruses, the stronger the immune system becomes. However, this is not always the case; some viruses, even those seemingly harmless, have been known to cause more devastating, unforeseen effects. It all depends on the individual. People are not all the same; some are more vulnerable to mental illnesses than others due to genetic predisposition. Notably, constant exposure to viruses can also impair the immune system. A perfect example is the HIV, which wears down the body over time. I apply this logic to Haidt’s logic of free speech versus protecting a person’s psychological safety.

Moreover, as much as I support Haidt’s idea of challenging people ideally so that we can grow intellectually, I disagree with his view that free speech should include hate speech. Homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, and racism, among other types of hate crimes and hate speech, should not be included in free speech because they are a type of violence just as much as physically hurting someone is. The psychological damage brought about by “free speech” should not be overlooked just because it is not visible to the eye. Conclusively, I believe this video was included in this course because one of America’s values is freedom of speech, which is guaranteed by the first amendment. The video challenges us to think deeply about what the guarantee of free speech means exactly and its consequences.


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Watch this video and post a minimum 100-word response discussing your thoughts and feelings. These videos introduce ideas which may or may not coincide with the week’s learning objective or theme.

Video Review-Thoughts and Feelings

Video Review-Thoughts and Feelings

  • Why do you think this video was chosen to be included in this course?
  • For this assignment, you do not need to provide citations or quotes.
  • You may write your response in a first-person voice.
  • You are strongly encouraged to use the Grammarly app before posting your assignment.

Watch the following video:

  • Jonathan Haidt on Coddling U. vs. Strengthening U., WF Buckley Jr Program, 2015
  • Video:

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