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Video Reflection – Syllables

Video Reflection – Syllables

Ms. Jill Ozog first introduced the lesson on blending and segmenting syllables in words. The teacher helps the students recall what syllables are by stating that syllables are parts of the words, where blending means putting together syllables to form a word, while segmenting syllables involves putting apart the syllables to build a word (Institute of Education Sciences, 2016). As the learning activity starts, the teacher gives each student two manipulatives to help in their demonstration of how to blend and segment the syllables. The teacher guided the students to stay in a small group of five students around the tables beside her. The arrangement makes it more effective to demonstrate the activity and observe how the students are reciprocating the given instructions. I participated in the virtual discussion.

The teacher calls for students to pay attention as she uses an example to demonstrate how syllables in the word “flower” are broken down and blended using manipulatives. Once the word has been blended, Ms. Jill asks the student to read the word. The teacher gives the students the cards for their practical exercise and instructs them to align the cards together. She says a word, requests the student to say it, and then separates the syllables in the words as they demonstrate with their manipulatives. The students then are directed to blend the words one after another. When the teacher instructs the students to blend a previous example, “apple,” she makes them blend it slowly by stating each syllable independently (Institute of Education Sciences, 2016). Ms. Jill graduates the students for every correct demonstration, an effective teaching strategy. The teacher is instrumental throughout the lesson since she gives the students effective instruction on how to integrate the skills in blending and segmenting syllables.


Institute of Education Sciences. (2016, September 14). Video 12: Syllables [Video]. YouTube.


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Video Reflection - Syllables

Video Reflection – Syllables

After reading What Works Clearinghouse: Practice Guide for Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade, pages 14-18, watch the following video on Syllables.

To read the 14-18 pages, you can click this link to the WWC Practice Guide.

Before watching the following video, print and record your notes on the corresponding worksheet that can be printed from the Best Practices Video Reflections page.

Watch the video: to an external site.

Post your responses to the following:

Identify examples of the teacher providing instruction and feedback to support students’ ability to blend and segment syllables in words.

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