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Video Reflection – Rhyme

Video Reflection – Rhyme

Before watching the video, I understood what rhyming words are. Rhyming words are a set of words that have similar ending sounds. To identify whether a group of words rhyme, the sense of hearing is the most effective since it helps a learner to listen to sounds in a word and determine whether the words sound the same at their when (Foorman et al., 2016). The video confirms rhyming is a precursor to phonemic awareness and letter sounds. The video also affirms that teaching rhyming words is an easy exercise. Once a teacher explains rhyming words and provides examples, it becomes easy for students to engage in activities to identify rhyming words (REL Southeast, 2016). For instance, by providing learners with a group of words, they can recognize the words that rhyme effectively. Also, students can align pictures whose words rhyme. Students only require the teacher to demonstrate, give examples to emulate, and provide correct responses to practice exercises.

The video does not have any contradictive information about teaching rhyming words from what I knew before. However, I did not know that using pictures can be an effective strategy for teaching rhyme. The video effectively demonstrates how images can be grouped on whether they rhyme (REL Southeast, 2016). Students should first name the pair of pictures provided and then examine whether the words have the same ending sounds. The video gives good demonstrations on how to make rhyming activities manageable by students by providing clear examples of words that rhyme and those that do not rhyme. Students should acquire the basics of the learning concepts to help them articulate the skills independently in-class activities.


Foorman, B., Beyler, N., Borradaile, K., Coyne, M., Denton, C. A., Dimino, J., … & Wissel, S. (2016). Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. Educator’s Practice Guide. NCEE 2016-4008. What Works Clearinghouse.

REL Southeast. (2016, September 14). Video 14: Onset & rime [Video]. YouTube.


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Video Reflection - Rhyme

Video Reflection – Rhyme

After reading What Works Clearinghouse: Practice Guide for Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade, pages 14-18, watch the following video on Rhyme.

Before watching the following video, print and record your notes on the corresponding worksheet that can be printed from the Best Practices Video Reflections page.

Watch the video: to an external site.

Post your responses to the following:

  1. Record what you learned that confirms what you already knew about teaching rhyming.
  2. Record what you learned that contradicts what you already know about teaching rhyming.

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