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Start your RN-BSN degree online

Get ready to boost your nursing career, faster. RN-BSN program courses have a length of 5 weeks. Prepare yourself with competent, post-licensure nursing expertise while balancing your life and work demands.

Those transferring their AND may finish their course in fourteen months. All through official evaluation learners will be given 87 AND total credits and valid unencumbered/unrestricted registered nurse license. Registered nurses without an Associate Degree in Nursing transfer will be given forty total credits and can finish their degree program in two and a half years.


Browse programs for your RN-BSN degree online

Education must hold realistic value. That is why our programs meet rigorous education standards and equip you with knowledge and skills immediately relevant to your profession.

120 credits Required:

You will require a hundred and twenty credits* to finish your Bachelor of Science in Nursing course. Your schedule of the course may vary depending on credit transfers or credits attained through the Prior Learning Assessment of the University.

  1. Thirty-three Program Credits

33 needed BSN Program Study Credits Course (11 nursing core courses). Here is where you will gather most of your course-specific knowledge. Eventually, when you complete these programs, you must have the skills and confidence required in this industry.

  1. 47 General Education Credits

These form the basis of our entire degree programs. Since writing and math skills, communication, are not just globally used in the nursing field — they are applicable in the real world.

  1. Forty Nursing Credits

Students attain forty lower division credits in nursing for possessing their unencumbered, active registered nurse licensure.


Both the RN-BSN online and on campus feature similar programs, and your scholarly advisor will assist you plan them. Kindly note that on-campus students in nursing are needed to attend class physically 1 day every week, usually between 6 and 10 pm.

Course Purpose Statement

The RN-BSN program’s a post-licensing program education tailored for unencumbered, active RN licensure nurses, who aspire to complete a nursing profession bachelor’s degree. The program’s intended to boost registered nurses’ professional skills and knowledge and ready them as specialists who are capable of applying critical thinking, expert knowledge, and skills to healthcare systems and patient outcomes.


Credits transfer

Your former eligible course credits are capable of saving you money and time– assisting you to confer to your degree faster. That is why we have accepted over 5,000 institutions’ transcripts, so you could apply for eligible credits transfer from a formally accredited college or university toward your desired degree.

Fixed, affordable tuition

Keep identical affordable, fixed tuition from your degree program’s commencement to finalization, regardless of whether it takes a longer time than you anticipated. That is our promise: irrespective of any life surprises you encounter, we always have your back! That is the students’ Tuition Guarantee program.

Scholarships to confer your baccalaureate’s degree, economically.

Everyone merits affordable tuition. That is why we provide a limitless number of student scholarships, so in case you are eligible, you can always get one. Beginning at your first program, every certified new student is going to be awarded part of our tuition scholarships, to a value of either $3K or $1K. Or you will get the more appropriate offer you are worthy of.

Financial Assistance

When in the matter of paying your college expenses and tuition, you’ve options including federal loans and grants. Our finance planners will answer your financial aid questions and can assist lead you throughout the entire process.

Outcomes & Careers

How will you use your BSN degree online in your life?

Find the milestones you may achieve with your BSN degree and make well-informed decisions regarding your future.

A BSN will ready you to become a:

  • Charge Nurse
  • (PHN) Public Health Nurse
  • (DON) Director of Nursing

Top skills earned in this course:

  • Nursing Professionals Business Management
  • Communications
  • Population Health Compassion
  • Coordination of Safe Care
  • Holistic Nursing and Critical Thinking
  • Health Administration
  • Communication and Information Management
  • Leadership
  • Nursing Field Professionalism
  • Case Management and Quality Improvement
  • Strategic Planning

The Outcomes of Learning

When you complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, you will be prepared with a tangible-skills that you can use on the respective job. You will learn to:

  • Exhibit patient-centered, holistic, evidence-based, care that demonstrates health-illness continuum knowledge.
  • Put in place appropriate disease prevention and health promotion approaches for diverse populations, individuals, and families across life’s duration.
  • Demonstrate professional healthcare field legal conduct, ethical, and moral standards
  • Apply leadership as well as organizational ethics that advance nursing practice and safe delivery of health care.
  • Incorporate approaches that influence international, national, and state levels of health policy for the delivery of quality, safe care of patients.
  • Integrate information technology and nursing care communication systems in the delivery of health care to better patient outcomes.
  • Use interprofessional collaboration strategies to boost patient care quality.


Apply free of charge – no obligation, no admission fee.

Commencing your degree program is the biggest decision you’ll ever make— and we endeavor to make you enjoy every bit of it. That is why we get rid of your application obstacles.

  • No cost for requesting transcripts
  • No ACT/SAT needed
  • No essay needed
  • No cost, riskless trial for qualified students

Training that suits your busy schedule

  • Balancing school, work, and family

Strive for your BSN degree without trading what counts the most with anything. Commence your degree constantly and take each class separately.

  • Online training

Admit to classes online and attend the scheduled class at your convenience, day or even night.

  • 24/7 resources and support

You’ve got customer care available as far as 20 hours per day, five days per week. And our scholarly advisors, who are behind you all along, have gained a five-star rating from ninety percent of the students surveyed.

Faculty Limelight

Professionals devoted to students

Your achievement is our faculty member’s and dean’s top priority. They bring hands-on perspective and 26 experience years on average to the class and assist see through between industry knowledge and academics.


Count on the quality of your education


The University of Phoenix’s Bachelor in Nursing degree program, master’s in Nursing degree program, and DNP program have received Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, (CCNE), 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791 accreditation. This program coordinates with top industry organizations, including:

  • (AACN®) American Association of Colleges of Nursing
  • (ANCC) American Nurses Credentialing Center
  • (QSEN) Quality & Safety Education for Nurses


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