University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program

BSN degree nurses are in great demand, well prepared to control the increasing 21st-century healthcare complexity, and better placed for leadership and clinical role advancement.

Complete Your UCF BSN Degree

University of Central Florida trains the most recently licensed RNs in the (SUSF), State University System of Florida. We’ll provide you University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program if you’re attending university for the 1st time, already operating as a registered nurse looking to boost your career, or changing career paths to nursing.

WHY ENROLL AT UCF Nursing College

  • Accredited nursing programs for bachelor’s degree
  • On-campus Degree options in 3 locations in Central Florida, online RN to BSN concurrent ASN-BSN programs, and accelerated Second-Degree program.
  • Academic excellence with current graduates earning NCLEX-RN’s 1st-time pass rate of 92%- consistently exceeding national and state averages.
  • Experiential learning in a medical simulation center that is internationally recognized.
  • Over 100 scholarships are offered to graduate nursing and BSN students annually.
  • Chances to participate, include the UCF(HUT), Honors Undergraduate Thesis, our award-winning (SNA), Student Nurses Association, and more.
  • Friendly environment for everyone. UCF’s an assigned Hispanic-Serving Institution.


The University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program graduate can:

  • Integrate liberal education concepts with the nursing syllabus to boost quality care critical implementation and critical thinking.
  • Integrate management and leadership principles through inter – and intra – disciplinary collaborations to manage client outcomes and needs.
  • Foster nursing practice scholarship through emerging medical problem identification, current evidence appraisal, and its application to advance outcomes potential.
  • Demonstrate efficient professional communication involving a multidisciplinary team, cooperating to deliver optimal outcomes of health.
  • Analyze the policy process of health care for the enhancement of everyone’s health care.
  • Demonstrate control of information competence and technology application to provide quality care.
  • Establish disease prevention and health promotion interference at the population and individual level to better health.
  • Achieved professional ethics such as autonomy, respect for personal dignity, altruism, social justice, and integrity.
  • Offer the greatest nursing care quality across the healthcare environments continuum and lifespan.


As you are aware, nursing bachelor’s degree registered nurses are developing into the new healthcare standard. The entirely online University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program enables you to complete a distinguished nursing degree while still working.

It’s flexible, convenient, and now economical with minimized tuition costs via several campus-based amenities fee waivers.

The interesting part? You are still getting similar UCF’s nationwide renowned faculty and high-quality education.

*Simplified process of application
Licensed registered nurses simply submit 1 application to UCF directly. Online University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program applications would be evaluated continously.

Admissions: Apply three times per year | Summer, Spring or start Fall
Program Length: 30-Course Credits
Location: Online | Part- or Full- time


You may be a University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program online candidate if you’re a licensed RN and fulfill one of the below application requirements and conditions:

  • You’ve attained a Florida public institution AA degree. Initial admission should be from the fall semester of 2014 or even later to satisfy the foreign language requirements of UCF, or
  • You’ve achieved any accredited institution regionally bachelor’s degree, or
  • You’ve completed – or almost completed – the UCF Gen Ed program, Gordon Rule writing requirement equivalent and fulfill the foreign language requirements (RN-BSN applicants might not possess more than 3 outstanding courses among Foreign Language requirements and Gen Ed, Gordon Rule, before commencing the BSN program, and the courses should be completed before enrolling 4000-level programs.)

Kindly note:  Programs online don’t meet immigration J1 Visa or F1 students’ requirements to preserve status. If you’ve questions, kindly call 407-823-2337 or get in touch with UCF Global via


Simplified process of application
Licensed registered nurses simply submit 1 application to UCF directly. Applications would be evaluated continuously. * You should be enrolled in the University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program by the set deadline. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to admit your classes till the next semester.

Inquiry to UCF Enrolled to UCF
Summer Admission By 1st March By 21st March *
Fall Admission By 1st July By 21st July *
Spring Admission By 1st Nov By 21st Nov*


The post-licensure RN-BSN degree program is intended for RNs. The Nursing College will verify former coursework and shall award as far as 29 prior learning credits.

The University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program is accessible online or will be finalized in person on select campuses regionally. The program involves 30 coursework credit hours that may be concluded in as fast as 3 semesters or even as slow as 1 program per semester, relying on various classes attended for every term.

The BSN syllabus is so challenging with a powerful sciences emphasis. The BSN program gives a strong foundation for graduate studies and leadership positions advancement.

  • BSN- Plans of Study
  • University of Central Florida Catalog

Get a graduate degree head-start when an undergraduate program student, and finalize your future DNP or MSN in minimal time.

University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program students can substitute as far as 3 classes– or– nine credit hours of graduate course work at UCF that will later transfer towards a DNP or an MSN degree. Graduate rates on tuition will pertain to these three graduate courses.

RN-BSN Fully Online Program

Programs will normally be enrolled in this particular order between three to five semesters. Each Study Plan is personalized in the advisor’s consultation. Students who intend to enroll in a graduate degree at a later date may get an advantage by substituting as far as 9 graduate Coursework credit hours + while admitted to the University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program.

1st Semester                            Course Name                                                    TOTAL: 6 credits

NUR 3805                        Dimensions of Professional Practice                         3 credits

NUR 3125                        Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice                       3 credits

2nd Semester                                                                                                      TOTAL: 6 credits

NUR 3065                         Health Assessment                                                      2 credits

NUR 3065L                      Health Assessment (lab)                                              1 credits

NUR 3165                         Nursing Research                                                         3 credits

3rd Semester                                                                                                      TOTAL: 6 credits

NUR 4837                         Health Care Issues, Policy, and Economics                 3 credits

NUR 4637                         Public and Community Health Nursing                       3 credits

4th Semester                                                                                                       TOTAL: 6 credits

NUR XXXX+                   Nursing Elective                                                           3 credits

NUR 4828+                      Leadership, Management, and Role Development        3 credits

5th Semester                                                                                                       TOTAL: 6 credits

NUR 3616+                      Health Promotion Across the Lifespan                         2 credits

NUR 4604L^                   Community & Public Health Practicum for RNs          4 credits

Graduate with BSN / Total program: 30 credits

+ Can substitute with the graduate-level course when approved by the advisor of the faculty. Graduate tuition costs to apply. ^ Clinical practicum experiences may be met in the local community of the students. A Registered Nurse license is a prerequisite for graduation.

Application Requirements & Process for University of Central Florida BSN Degrees

You have chosen your career advancement path with a UCF BSN degree. Let us assist you maneuver, the following steps.

Welcome to UCF’s Nursing College of Undergraduate Students Services Office. Whether you are a prospective or current undergraduate student in nursing we’re here to offer support, assistance, and advice.

Our team’s here for your sake – from the second you are interested in developing into the Knight Nurse till you advance to earn your baccalaureate degree. We endeavor to assist you realize your career goals.

For Scholarly Advising:

  • UCF Prospective undergraduate students are motivated to first follow an informational session. If you’ve extra questions, you may organize a consulting appointment.
  • UCF Current Nurse pending students (involving recently enrolled freshman admits and transfer students who have made payments of their matriculation fee) can schedule an advising appointment on nursing via myKnight STAR.
  • UCF Current Non-Nurse pending students can email to apply for an appointment through [email protected]. Kindly provide preference, and availability for a virtual or face-to-face meeting.
  • Current Nurse students already admitted to the University of Central Florida RN to BSN Program queries as concerns their enrolled courses and/or program.

Financing Your UCF Degree in Nursing

At the University of Central Florida, we trust a university education must be affordable and accessible for every student. It is why Forbes named the University of Central Florida a “Best Buy University” and the Nursing College has been nationally recognized as the “best value.” Aid and scholarships are accessible to undergraduate students through UCF, including graduate students and nursing pending.

Over $ 150K in Scholarships At hand

To reduce the students’ burden, the Nursing College actively offers and pursues specific aid and scholarship opportunities. They include the 2nd Degree BSN Students, Helene Fuld Health Trust Scholarship Fund, Ph.D. Students (NFLP), Nurse Faculty Loan Program, and Ph.D. Students Nurse Educator PIPELINE Funding.

The UCF Nursing College gives over 100 scholarships yearly to upper-division graduate nursing and BSN students.


UCF Nursing College is thrilled to back up the military members of our nation as they enroll in their BSN degree via the (MECP), Military Enlisted Commissioning Program

  • Qualified for active-duty students in military
  • A limited students’ number may get provisional acceptance as far as a year in advance beforehand (see below note)
  • 2 BSN program options:
    1. Second-Degree BSN
      • 4-semester, fulltime
      • Starts Summer | Orlando campus, UCF
    2. Traditional BSN
      • 5-semester, fulltime
      • Spring and Starts Fall | UCF Orlando
      • Starts Fall alone | Daytona and UCF Cocoa campuses


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