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Understanding Consumers

Understanding Consumers

For marketers, it is essential to understand how consumers make the ultimate decision to purchase because the former must come up with strategies for every behavior factor of the consumers (Solomon et al., 2014). They can also manipulate consumers into buying whatever they are offering. Marketers also understand that consumers are different, meaning they need different services and products. Finally, apart from the marketing stimuli, there are other stimuli that the consumers bring in making decisions. From the marketing viewpoint, the consumer’s behavior is essential because, ultimately, the consumers are the ones that help companies enhance all their marketing strategies. Marketers must understand the concepts of consumer behavior due to the different needs of those consumers.

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Also, marketers should understand hconsumer’snsumers’ reason, feel, and think and select the alternatives available, for instance, prices, products, and brands (Solomon et al., 2014). In addition, suppliers and vendors must comprehend the consumers’ psychology and how the environment influences them, for instance, presentiments, family principles, media, and culture, and recognize the behavior of the consumers while making purchasing decisions. Price is the fundamental factor that influences my decision most as a consumer. A marketer cent of value for money to market a new car to the consumer by showing the benefits that the vehicleicleicleicle will have to the cconcerningspect to its price.

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Solomon, M. R., Dahl, D. W., White, K., Zaichkowsky, J. L., & Polegato, R. (2014). Consumer behavior: Buying, having and being (Vol. 10). Toronto, Canada: Pearson.


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Understanding Consumers

This week we’re going to get inside the head of a customer (meaning all of you and me and everyone else) because this is what marketers need to do to get their message heard and to drive customers to do what they want. To do this, respond to the following questions:

Understanding Consumers

Understanding Consumers

In marketing, the customer has to come first . . . you can’t market to a potential customer unless you understand their wants, needs, desires, state of mind, interest, incomes, and so much more. Why do you think it is essential for a marketer to know how a customer makes that final purchase decision?

Indicate which of the following factors would most influence your decision, and then explain how a marketer could use this information to better market this new car to you:

  • Price
  • Color
  • Style
  • Status

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