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Trina Solar SWOT Analysis

Trina Solar SWOT Analysis

Trina solar limited is typically a vertically-integrated (Trina Solar) solar power products producer. This company manufactures an extensive assortment of PV components involving both multi crystalline as well as monocrystalline such as cells, ingots, waters as well as solar modules. In addition, it also designs, sells, constructs as well as functions the projects of solar power within China as well as overseas. It markets and sells its commodities in different European counties such as Spain, Germany as well as Italy. Moreover, it operates within markets of PV like India, the United States, China, France and many others. The product they sell to wholesalers, distributors as well as PV system integrators globally. Electrical power for commercial, residential, and industrial, among other applications, is typically given out through its solar components or modules (Su, 2013).

Trina Solar is typically a leading or champion supplier when it comes to PV (photovoltaic) modules in the solar industry. However, this Trina Solar SWOT analysis gives out strategic businesses description as well as the company operations. It indicates strengths, weak spots or weaknesses, opportunities along with threats; thus, it is more likely to give out a competitive benefit or advantage (Ming, Shaojie, Hui, & Yujian, 2015).


 The company has high revenue as well as profitability. Existing sales networks or connections as well as distribution Experienced or faced business units

Monetary assistance offered

Weaknesses Future productivity Opportunities

The income level in this company is typically at a steady increase, Growing or increasing demand.


 Increasing or escalating interest rates Regulations of the government Mounting prices or costs

The Trina Solar Company can be summarized through a chart as follows;


 Su, Y. S. (2013). Competing in the global solar photovoltaic industry: the case of Taiwan. International Journal of Photoenergy, 2013.

Ming, Z., Shaojie, O., Hui, S., & Yujian, G. (2015). Is the “Sun” still hot in China? The study of the present situation, problems and trends of the photovoltaic industry in China. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 43, 1224-1237.


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Please research a company not used in any class example and elaborate on their SWOT analysis.  This response should be between 1-2 pages in length.

Trina Solar SWOT Analysis

Trina Solar SWOT Analysis

Please provide what each category represents for the company you chose, followed by a brief synopsis of your own personal usage of their product/service.

For example, the Disney Corporation.

Recognized by probably 90% of people on Earth.  What does their SWOT represent?  How do you relate to their products (Amusement Parks) (Movies) etc.? (OR)  What is your personal connection to the company, product or service it provides?

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