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Transnational Organized Crime

Transnational Organized Crime

North American region experiences substantial levels of transnational organized crime. Key factors, including illegal drug cartels and overpopulation, support high organized crime rates. North America’s response to organized crime seems to create a vicious cycle promoting more corruption. The region is interdependent with Latin America, which makes it challenging to curtail organized crime (Burbank, 2017).

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In Latin America, transnational organized crime is associated with cartels selling illegal drugs and high poverty rates. The region’s response to crime is ineffective. As such, the correlation reflects that organized crime increases considerably compared to authorities’ responses. The factors such as drug cartels, overpopulation, and poverty rates, slow the effort to fight crime (Burbank, 2017). Other factors include the involvement of influential individuals and advanced technology. These factors make it challenging for the region to either trace or curb organized crimes.

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Burbank, J. (2017). Organized crime runs rampant in Latin America | The Mob Museum. Retrieved from


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Transnational Organized Crime

Please respond to the following:

Transnational Organized Crime

Transnational Organized Crime

  • Compare and contrast the prevalence of organized crime in two (2) global regions: North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Determine each global region’s response to organized crime, and examine the correlation between this response and the prevalence of organized crime in the area.
  • Speculate on at least two (2) reasons why society’s concern about Cybercrime has lagged behind other types of organized crime despite society’s current reliance on computers and technology. Justify your response.

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