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Training and Development

Training and Development

Applying the ADDIE Model and Acknowledging Adult Learning Principles Provides a Better Learning Experience.

The ADDIE model is a process designed for instruction. The results obtained through the formative evaluation of every phase can direct the education design back to a previous stage. Application of this model in this situation would have led to the creation of various instructional materials. In an adult classroom, the learners prefer to learn independently and only receive assistance. Different learning materials would have matched the adult learners’ autonomy (Taçgın et al., 2014). While using the ADDIE model, the instructor would have improved the lesson’s effectiveness by evaluating each phase. The results would have created an improvement opportunity before proceeding toward the lesson’s end. Acknowledging that adult learners are highly motivated and prefer practical learning would have allowed the instructor to use goal-oriented teaching techniques (NCEA, 2022).

What Would I Have Done Differently?

I would have provided the adults with the learning content to ensure they knew the lesson’s goals and materials. I would also have identified the most preferred learning style to achieve the learning outcomes. Each topic would have undergone a thorough evaluation before moving on to the next one. This approach would ensure that the learners grasp the content and work towards achieving clear goals. Such an approach would have allowed the adults to ask for guidance when needed, use a practical learning method, and use the plans to motivate them (Valamis Group, 2020). Most importantly, enabling the application of life experiences in the learning process would have allowed the learners to explore each topic in a manner that works for them and relates to the content’s significance.


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Training and Development

Training and Development

Review the following scenario:
Jack recently attended a one-day instructor-led class that concluded with a written assessment. Throughout the day, each lesson was reviewed, which focused on the main points presented during that particular lesson. While the exam was all multiple choice, very few of the main issues raised and reviewed were on the exam. Jack, as well as others, was extremely frustrated.
Discuss how applying the ADDIE model and acknowledging adult learning principles could have provided a better learning experience. What would you have done differently?

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