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Todays Presidents

Todays Presidents

American presidents start setting their agenda way before Election Day. At the party level, candidates sell their plans to party delegates, and at that stage, candidates whose agenda aligns with party principles will likely succeed. After primaries, the process of agenda setting continues during campaigns, election speeches, and later on during the inaugural speech.

President Biden’s Promises

Domestic Policy

During President Biden’s 2020 election campaign, the current president set an ambitious agenda. Some initiatives were to reverse President Trump’s position on global environmental and immigration issues. To that end, the US has since rejoined the Paris Accord and reversed travel bans on people from Muslim countries (Zurcher, 2021). However, the president has yet to achieve other transformative agenda he set during the campaign. Other goals characterized by Biden’s campaign include student debt forgiveness, empowering labor unions, and preserving voting rights.

Foreign Policy

On the foreign policy front, different presidents have presented different objectives. For instance, President Reagan sought to implement a more assertive role in international affairs. He played a central role in stabilizing El Salvador (The United States Information Agency, 2005). Following an insurgency, President Reagan provided military and financial aid to the country. Further, in 1899, President William McKinley sought to implement the open-door policy (Clark et al., 2009). The policy sought to allow commercial relations with China’s allies. Fast forward to Biden’s reign, the president sought to disengage America from international conflicts. Although the US military has since pulled out of Afghanistan, there remains a strong presence of the US in other conflict areas (The White House, 2021). Besides, the US provides financial and military aid to Ukraine, despite Biden’s promise to reduce America’s participation in global conflicts.

Challenges Faced

One of the challenges Biden has faced in attaining his foreign policy objectives is the apparent lone ranger initiatives by the US. For instance, although the US’s military withdrawal from Afghanistan was anticipated, the nation is accused of moving with haste to the detriment of other countries. Another related incident is the US’s entry into a military equipment deal with Australia and the UK, effectively excluding France from its long-term deal. Such moves have complicated the US’s implementation of foreign policy.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped or delayed some of Biden’s key objectives. Following the outbreak, the US Treasury released $350 billion through the American Rescue Plan (The White House, 2022). These funds would have been used in development projects, but they had to be diverted to citizens directly. The result is a budget deficit that has led to the abandonment of some initiatives.


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Every 4 years, we come together as a nation to vote on who will represent us as a nation, who will lead the country in domestic and foreign affairs, and who will hold the title of President of the United States of America.
Research and read/view the election platform statements, winning nomination speech, and inaugural address of the current President of the United States. In this discussion board, compare these primary sources to the current domestic and foreign policy planning and decisions of the President.

Todays Presidents

Todays Presidents

Are there correlations between plan and action to stated goals and promises? What challenges will the President face in accomplishing these goals and promises? What other situations arose throughout the election and at the beginning of his term in office that led to possible changes to the original goals and promises?
Make sure to support all of your opinions with facts and cite all of your sources, including the primary sources.

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