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Through the School Lens- A Call to Action for Children’s Mental Health

Through the School Lens- A Call to Action for Children’s Mental Health

Thank you for sharing your post. Your viewpoint on mental illness, especially regarding children, is admirable and informative. Your employment in the school system has given you first-hand knowledge of the difficulties many kids, especially those from impoverished homes, confront regarding mental health. I hope your school district is proactively promoting mental health awareness and skills among kids through introducing curricula. Indeed, implementing such instruction from a young age can significantly contribute to crisis prevention and promoting a healthier society.

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You must understand the stigma associated with mental health. Society frequently associates mental health issues with unjustified negative connotations, making people mistakenly believe they are weak (Corcoran & Walsh, 2009). As you correctly said, social workers and advocates are responsible for altering this perspective and assisting clients in acknowledging and taking care of their mental health needs.

You’ve drawn attention to the variety of effects that a diagnosis can have on a person’s life, from adverse effects to more accepting ones. It would be best to emphasize security, self-awareness, and accommodation because everyone has different circumstances requiring a different strategy. Additionally, your proactive attitude in supporting clients who may at first struggle with or deny mental health awareness exemplifies the kind and patient perspective essential in encouraging positive transformation. Your dedication to helping people on their path to acceptance and resiliency demonstrates the enormous positive influence social workers can have on people’s lives. Subsequently, your commitment to spreading knowledge about mental health and encouraging its acceptability in society is admirable. By sharing your knowledge and experiences, you help remove the obstacles that keep many people from getting the required support and assistance. Continue your worthwhile efforts both within and outside of your school district.


Corcoran, J., & Walsh, J. (2009). Mental health in social work: A casebook on diagnosis and strengths based assessment. Pearson.


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My perspective of mental illness focuses on children, though I do believe that all people consider and care for mental health. Working through the school district has created a pathway of sightings of the lack of mental health throughout many homes in society. Many children in poverty suffer from the consequences of a lack of mental health. With access to resources in mental health awareness, children are given the ability to succeed at higher rates. I am happy to know the school district I work for is providing a curriculum for students to develop mental health awareness and abilities. These systems are meant to prevent and intervene in crisis situations within not only the school but also society, starting with students at a young age. The importance of acknowledgement of mental health within society is vast, and cannot be iterated enough.

Through the School Lens- A Call to Action for Children's Mental Health

Through the School Lens- A Call to Action for Children’s Mental Health

A diagnosis can impact a client’s life in many possible ways. There are unfortunate responses, as well as accepting ones. Depending on the client’s own perspective of mental health, it may have an effect on their reaction and response. For many, as society has stigmatized, mental health is seen as an individualized weakness. It is our mission as social workers to advocate for clients in denial who do not accept mental health awareness, as basic living standards reside within your own mental health. Other times, clients may accept and accommodate as needed. Acknowledgment and acceptance will allow a client to be more open and resilient with a diagnosis.

There have been times that I witness struggles, accusations, assumptions, and stigmas as a whole. When a person is diagnosed, their life may be impacted negatively or positively. The importance to ensuring self safety is crucial, and that person must acknowledge the impact that has been made. For a more subtle transition, it may be helpful to gain knowledge and begin accommodating as needed.

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