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Theory-Theorist Rosemarie Parses

Theory-Theorist Rosemarie Parses


The human becoming theory of nursing coined by Rosemarie Parses remains an essential theory in modern nursing practice. This theory was conceived in 1987 as the man-living health theory but changed to the human becoming theory in 1992. This theory is based on the traditions and existential-phenomenological postulates from European philosophers Sartre, Heidegger, and Marleau Ponty and the work of the American Nurse theorist Martha Roger, who posited the science of unitary beings (Parse, 2019). The theory is centered on three thematic concepts: transcendence, rhythmicity, and meaning.

Definition and Purpose of Nursing

The theory posits that the nursing practice’s goal is to ensure the quality of life for each individual as they perceive it. This theory focuses on the patient’s quality of life and views patients as people, not as different parts. In this regard, this theory implores nurses to help people during their nursing practices.

View of Health

The theory views health as a consequence of an individual’s interactions with their environment. The three thematic concepts described in this theory express its perspectives on health. Rhythmicity defines the creation of rhythmical patterns between man and the universe, while transcendence defines the constant transformation of human beings (Bunkers, 2019). Health will, therefore, be the personal valuing and imaging of their experiences within their environments.

Environment’s Influence

Environmental influence is a provision in the human becoming theory. As per the theory, the environment is everything within the person that is inseparable from, evolving with, and complementary to them. This may include spiritual, biological, sociological, and psychological factors influencing the imaging and valuing of self.

Assumptions about the Person

Several assumptions about the person are made in this theory. As per the theory, a person is not just a sum of the parts but a unitary constituting system. The person is inseparable from the environment but coexists while constituting rhythmical patterns with aspects of their environment. The person is also under constant transformation and can choose meaning in situations they must select.


Bunkers, S. S. (2019). Freedom and human becoming. Nursing Science Quarterly, 33(1), 7–11.

Parse, R. R. (2019). Nurses and person-centered care. Nursing Science Quarterly, 32(4), 265–265.


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Theory-Theorist Rosemarie Parses

Theory-Theorist Rosemarie Parses

Definition of conception and purpose of nursing
View of health
Environment’s influence
Assumptions about person
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