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The Triad – Journal Article Review

The Triad – Journal Article Review

In the “I just knew that something was not right! Coping strategies of parents living with adolescents misusing substances,” Mathibela and Skhosana (2021) aimed to examine the experiences of parents who had discovered their adolescent children were abusing substances, the challenges the parents face, as well as the strategies the parents employ to cope living with adolescents who misuse substances. The article presents the findings of a qualitative study conducted in the community of Ramotse in Hammanskraal, Gauteng, South Africa.

The article has interesting findings closely related to my current client’s concerns. I am currently working with a client whose teenage daughter is struggling with substance abuse. For instance, the findings show that most of the parents concerned with their adolescents’ misuse of substances were female parents. It was noted in most cases that the parents were either divorced or were in an estranged relationship, causing one parent to be uninvolved in raising the child. Notably, the male parent in most cases of an adolescent misusing substances was missing. In other cases noted, one parent was not the biological parent of the child, leading to them being partially involved or fully uninvolved, while other parents were absent due to work, and others were substance users, leading to the child using substances. Two concepts identified in the article related to the current case of the client whose teenage daughter is struggling with substance abuse are the stability of the family environment and the mental health impacts of the parents living with substance-abusing children.

The concepts of stability of the family environment and the mental impacts on parents living with substance-abusing children learned from the article are applicable in future sessions with my client and in developing an intervention for the client’s situation. Firstly, the concept of the stability of the family environment is critical as it can help me critically analyze the client’s family dynamics and identify any familial factors that may have or are contributing to the teenage daughter’s dependency on substances. Some of the family stability characteristics include the marital status of the parent, the level of involvement of both parents, behaviours, and communication patterns within the family. Secondly, understanding the mental impacts of teenage substance abuse on parents can help in my next session with the client as it can help focus on the client’s emotional response to living with a substance-abusing daughter. As highlighted by Mathibela and Skhosana (2021), parents often feel helpless, guilty, angry, and sometimes hateful towards their child, as well as shock, sadness, and shame, and they see themselves as failures.

Learning about these concepts has a significant on how I intervene in the client’s situation. For instance, understanding the family environment can help understand the available support for the teenage daughter in overcoming her substance dependency. It also helps understand the needs of the family and develop and employ family-focused approaches that aim to nurture a more supportive family environment as well as stabilize the family. Learning about the client’s mental health in relation to living with a child who abuses substances will help understand how the parent’s mental health can further worsen the teenage daughter’s substance use issues and hence help design client-centred mental health interventions. Conclusively, the concepts presented in the article are applicable to the client’s situation and support in developing coping strategies for the client and tailoring care for the client and their teenage daughter.


Mathibela, F., & Skhosana, R. M. (2021). I just knew that something was not right! Coping strategies of parents living with adolescents misusing substances. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 120, 108178.


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The Triad - Journal Article Review

The Triad – Journal Article Review

For this assignment, you will select one peer-reviewed journal article that reflects research for the client that you have been working with within the practice Triad sessions.
Consider the client’s top concerns identified within the previous sessions and locate a peer-reviewed journal article related to the concern or need Ex. If your practice client is struggling with family stress, look up a scholarly article on stress in the family system.
• For clarity, a peer-reviewed journal article is one that has been reviewed by experts in the field and has been published in a professional journal. This does not include sources such as textbooks, newspapers, website articles, magazines, advertisements, and articles published in journals that have not been peer-reviewed.
The Triad: Journal Article Review Assignment should be a total of two-page APA formatted paper that identifies the journal article and identifies need/concern, concepts learned, and how to apply learned concepts with the client in future sessions.
Approximately one page should summarize the purpose of the article as well as identify two concepts you learned from the article that relate to the practice client’s concern/need.
Approximately one page should describe how the concepts you learned about can be applied in your work with your client in future sessions. Describe how learning of these concepts could impact how you intervene in your client’s situation.
The paper must include a title and reference page, not included in the page total, and must follow the current APA format. Utilizing the provided template under Additional Resources for this assignment is recommended.
please find a journal that discusses a concerned parent struggling with a child stuck on substance abuse.
( the class is a social work class focused on individuals and families) I’m working with a client whose teenage daughter is struggling with substance abuse.

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