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The Swedish Ethnic Group in the United States

The Swedish Ethnic Group in the United States

In the United States, the Swedish ethnic community has a rich cultural legacy marked by diverse customs and rituals. Swedish culture is notable for its strong emphasis on family values and social solidarity. Spending time with family is generally prioritized by Swedes, and family gatherings and celebrations play an important role in their life. They also have a Midsummer’s Eve custom, which entails dancing around a maypole and eating traditional Swedish cuisine.

Swedish culinary traditions are another essential component of their culture. Swedish cuisine is famous for its hearty and savory dishes, such as Swedish meatballs, herring, and gravlax (cured salmon). Swedes have a strong coffee culture and frequently partake in fika, a social coffee break with pastries and friends or family (Uusimäki, 2020). Lagom, which translates as “just the right amount,” is a central cultural ideal that promotes balance and moderation in all aspects of life.

Swedes are also deeply connected to nature and outdoor sports. The gorgeous landscapes of the country, as well as the concept of allemansrätten (the right to roam), have impacted their enjoyment of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and camping. Sweden is also noted for its design sensibilities, such as minimalism and functionalism, which have influenced global design trends (Blum, 2022). Overall, the Swedish ethnic minority in America provides a culture that values family, a solid culinary history, a connection to nature, and a distinct sense of design aesthetics. Gender equality and social welfare are also highly valued in Swedish culture, and Sweden is noted for its progressive policies in these areas. Furthermore, the Swedish language is an essential component of their cultural identity, and many Swedish Americans stay connected to their history by learning and speaking Swedish in their communities.


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The Swedish Ethnic Group in the United States

The Swedish Ethnic Group in the United States

Read the information on ethnicity in the “Readings” folder. Then, click on this link, which will bring you to a list of the largest ethnic groups and nationalities in the United States. Review the list. Then, select one group that you do not already know much about.
Then, perform additional research about your selected group. Any general internet search will suffice for this discussion. In this forum, summarize the cultural norms, traditions, and practices that characterize your selected group. Include a link to the source(s) you used.

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