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The Structure of The European Union

The Structure of The European Union

Sample Answer 

The Structure of The European Union

A summary of what the structure of the EU looked like when it was first established

The European Union was created in the 1950s and was then called European Community. The Union was formed to foster economic and political cooperation between different countries in Europe. Since its formation, many changes have been made to reduce the council’s powers and increase the powers of the parliament.

European Union was created to oversee the different institutions created after signing different treaties. These institutions were initially three, but this number has increased significantly over the years. The Union had an independent executive referred to as the “high authority” (McCormick, 2017). The executive had supranational authority over the Union. Laws made by the executive were arbitrated and implemented by a court of justice. Also, when negotiating, two supervisory institutions had to be present to balance the power of the executive.

An outline of current governing structure

Today, the EU is made up of many supervisory bodies that are in charge of different operations within the Union. Also, countries in the Union take turns in being the chairman, and a new chairman is chosen after six months. The Union is made up of 20 commissioners appointed by member countries and approved by the parliament (Nugent, 2017). The European council is in charge of enforcing legislation after being approved by the parliament. It also fosters cooperation and unity between member states. This council is made up of one person from each member state. Members of parliament are elected by people from the country they represent, and they serve for five years. There is still a court of justice that ensures that laws are followed and arbitrates when there is conflict. Rulings made by this court are binding to all member states.

Predict what changes you believe may be needed. Why do you believe these changes are needed?

European Union is limited to countries in Europe. I think changes should be made to remove this geographical barrier so that any country can join the Union. Increased membership would make the Union stronger and foster peace due to political and economic cooperation.


McCormick, J. (2017). Understanding the European Union: a concise introduction. Palgrave.

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The Structure of The European Union

Evaluate the structure of the European Union from its inception to current day and make predictions on anticipated necessary changes due to the changing demographics of Europe. Make sure to include

The Structure of The European Union

The Structure of The European Union

  • a summary of what the structure of the EU looked like when it was first established,
  • an outline of current governing structure, and
  • predict what changes you believe may be needed. Why do you believe these changes are needed?

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