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The Sociology of Race

The Sociology of Race

Racial Group

I belong to the African-American racial category, which includes people of African descent who primarily reside in the United States. African Americans have a rich and varied cultural legacy and have contributed to the campaigns for civil rights, music, literature, art, and many other facets of American life. Also, African Americans have contributed significantly to the country’s social, cultural, and economic growth despite historical challenges with systematic racism and inequality, and they still fight for equality and justice today.

Inequality Experienced Because of My Race

I have encountered discrimination as an African-American man due to my colour. Economic inequality, educational disparities, health disparities, and housing discrimination are examples of these inequities. Economic inequality emerges because of low average earnings, higher poverty rates, and restricted access to wealth-building opportunities. Discrepancies in the quality of instruction and resources made accessible to African-American students are referred to as educational disparities, and they have a negative impact on graduation rates and access to higher education. Specific health issues are more common, and access to quality healthcare is restricted due to health disparities. Housing discrimination describes how African Americans are treated differently regarding access to housing options and areas.

The Experience and My Response to It

My encounters with racial inequality were diverse, ranging from individual incidents of discrimination to structural impediments that prevented me from pursuing possibilities and exacerbated gaps. I still have resentment and emotions of injustice from these encounters. I decided to take several different activities in reaction to these injustices. This entails participating in rallies and demonstrations, speaking out in favour of legislative reforms, lending support to groups working for racial justice, and enlightening others about pertinent concerns. Additionally, I work to foster unity, establish safe places, and plan projects that elevate underrepresented perspectives and advance equality.


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The Sociology of Race

The Sociology of Race

Please read The Sociology of Race. It is reproduced here for convenience:
For this discussion forum, please answer ONE of the following:
(1) Identify your racial group. Have you ever experienced inequality because of your race (whether on an individual level or on an institutional level)? Describe the experience and your response to it.
(2) Have you ever witnessed (firsthand or in/on the news) an inequality against another person because of that other person’s race (whether on an individual level or on an institutional level)? Identify the person’s known or perceived race. Describe the experience and your response to it.

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