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The Role of Values Judgement in Decision Making

The Role of Values Judgement in Decision Making

Values are critical in ethical decision-making because they provide a framework for determining right and wrong. Our values are our beliefs about what is important in life and guide our choices and actions. When we make ethical decisions, we base our decisions on our values.

For example, let’s say you are faced with deciding whether to cheat on a test. One of your values is honesty. Cheating would go against your value of honesty, so you would likely decide not to cheat.

Judgments also play a critical role in ethical decision-making. Our judgments are based on our values, so if our values differ from someone else’s, our judgments about right and wrong will also be different.

For example, you and your friend have different values regarding lying. Your friend may believe it is okay to lie in certain situations, while you believe lying is always wrong. If your friend lies to you, you may judge them harshly because their action goes against your value of honesty.


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The Role of Values Judgement in Decision Making

The Role of Values Judgement in Decision Making

Explain how values and judgments are critical when making ethical decisions versus ordinary ones. 

The discussion needs to be built around business ethics.

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