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The Role of the OS

The Role of the OS

The OS provides the right platform for the end user to execute programs more conveniently and efficiently. The operating system performs various functions as far as the operation of the organization’s network is concerned (Bansal & Kumar, 2020, p. 342). This paper will discuss two major operating system functions: memory management and processor management.

One of the most important functions of the operating system is memory management. OS works in such a way that it manages the major memory. The main memory of the network is composed of a vast amount of bytes or words, whereby each word is assigned to a specific address. The major memory is identified as fast storage that can easily be entered directly through the CPU (Bansal & Kumar, p. 345). This function is important because a program on the computer device can only run after it has been loaded into the main memory. This function occurs when the operating system oversees the management of the allocation and deallocation of memory to different processes by ensuring that other activities on the network do not take up the memory allocated for this purpose (Bansal & Kumar, 2020, p. 348). Some of the activities under this role include multiprogramming, allocating the memory to a process, and keeping track of the primary memory.

The second major role the operating system performs is the processor’s management. Within the multi-programming surrounding, the operating system’s role is to decide the order in which the processes can gain entrance into the processor and the processing time required to complete the process (Dutta et al., p. 38). This function performed by the operating system is also called process scheduling. In process scheduling, the operating system is mandated to manage the working of the processor by allocating different jobs and ensuring that processes receive enough time from the processor for efficient functioning (Dutta et al., p. 38). The traffic controller is the program that keeps track of the status.


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Discussion: The role of the OS A
An operating system performs a variety of key functions for any type of computer-like device. Research to identify the major functions of an operating system and choose two that you believe to be the most important. Explain what each does and why it’s so important.

The Role of the OS

The Role of the OS

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