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The Purpose of Nursing

The Purpose of Nursing

After asking five nurses about the purpose of nursing, most of them stated that the purpose of nursing is to ensure the achievement of the patient’s good. Accordingly, this means that the contextual circumstances inform the ‘good’ of the patient. For instance, Zumstein‐Shaha & Grace (2023) highlight a key example where a patient with stage IV cancer wants termination of treatments, but her family and the oncologist want her to continue with the treatment. A nurse comprehends that the patient’s treatment prolongs their life but also prolongs their suffering. In addition, the nurse also understands that the patient has given valid reasons for the termination of chemotherapy. This reason is contrary to what the oncologist and family want. The oncologist’s value is on success but ignores the patient’s concerns until the nurse arises. For that reason, nursing aims to ensure that the patient’s well-being or good is considered through all the support. Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

On the other hand, after asking five laypersons the same question regarding the purpose of nursing, they stated that nursing aims to improve patients’ health and care for them. In other words, nursing involves managing the needs of the patients by preventing and treating health illnesses and conditions. According to Alligood (2018), the purpose of nursing revolves around the people that nurses serve, patients or human beings. While the laypersons focused mainly on the patient’s health as the only concern of nursing, Alligood (2018) suggests that knowledge of the environment, health, and the person should be focused on improving the patient’s well-being and those around them since this affects their health generally.


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The Purpose of Nursing

The Purpose of Nursing

Discussion Question 1 – What is Nursing?

Discussion Prompt
Ask five nurses the following question. Ask the question without explanation or expansion. Tell them you are doing a class project and need the following question answered. There are no right or wrong answers. “What is the purpose of nursing?” Ask five laypersons the exact same question in the same manner. Summarize your findings and report to the class. You will have just completed your first qualitative research project when you complete this project. Albeit an abbreviated one, it is a qualitative study.

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