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The Ocean the Bird and the Scholar

The Ocean the Bird and the Scholar

Art education is ignored in the American education curriculum. Vendler (2015) states, “Our students leave high school knowing almost nothing about American art, music, architecture, and sculpture and having only a superficial acquaintance with a few American writers” (p.98). The American curriculum aims to equip learners with transferrable skills that can be applied in the work environment, such as problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. These skills are essential in the 21st-century business environment because they can be used to develop and sustain business relationships. This has created an emphasis on subjects and academic activities that equip learners with these knowledge and skills based on their career path. Arts education is also not considered compulsory in the American curriculum in junior and high school education. Most learners pursue it in higher learning institutions when they decide to pursue a career requiring an understanding of American art and music. This has led to classifying art education in the junior and middle school American curriculum as an uncommon subject not offered in many learning institutions. Based on the link between the neglect of art education and the American education curriculum, it is evident that the appreciation of art education requires government intervention through education policies that encourage learning institutions offering junior and high school education to create a compulsory subject to educate learners about American music, art, sculpture, and architecture.


Vendler, H. (2015). The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholar: Essays on Poets and Poetry. Harvard University Press.


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From the Composition I Textbook, choose and read one selection from the Natural Sciences (NS) unit. Then, compose a 20-paragraph (150-200 words) discussing the main idea, as well as two supporting points. Double-space your work. HIGHLIGHT THE MAIN IDEA AND SUPPORTING POINTS. You must include one quote from your article.

The Ocean the Bird and the Scholar

The Ocean the Bird and the Scholar

APA in-text citation ex: (Bishop,1979, p.93)

Bishop (1979) states “quote” (p.93)

Do not need a title page, but must include a separate reference page.

APA reference example: Bishop, E. (1979). The fish. Composition I (pp 92-103), Bedford/ St. Martin’s.

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