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The Interaction between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

The Interaction between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

Generally, health informaticists play a huge role in bridging the gap between healthcare providers and technology systems. The nature of the interaction between informaticists and other healthcare specialists determines the general outcome of the services provided (Booth et al., 2021). The interactions may vary from facility to facility. From personal experience, nurse informaticists are often in constant communication with other healthcare professionals, coordinating the smooth flow of information and services in the technology systems. Nurse informaticists have to understand the information from different departments and, therefore, have to maintain close interaction with the specialists in different departments (Strudwick et al., 2019). In my organization, I have observed the nurse informaticist closely interacting with other healthcare professionals, guiding them on how to handle and use the technology systems. This has led to reduced errors and wide adoption of technology in patient management.

There is a need to continue strengthening the interaction between the informaticist and other professionals. The best strategy is to implement an interdisciplinary educational program on the usage of technology systems, including the associated benefits and clinical relevance (Kirsten et al., 2020). During training, professionals share their experiences and have an understanding of their roles. As a result, the bond between nurse informaticists and other professionals would be enhanced.

Further, the emergence of new technologies and evolution will significantly impact the interactions between healthcare professionals. One of the impacts includes improved interdisciplinary interaction. The emergence of a new technology will require close collaboration between healthcare professionals to ensure smooth workflow and the adoption of the new technology (Tian et al., 2019). For instance, when implementing telehealth, a joint effort from physicians, nurses, technology experts, and nurse informaticists would be needed, and this improves their interaction.


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In this Discussion, you will reflect on your own observations of and/or experiences with informaticist collaboration. You will also propose strategies for how these collaborative experiences might be improved.

The Interaction between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

The Interaction between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and reflect on the evolution of nursing informatics from a science to a nursing specialty.

Consider your experiences with nurse Informaticists or technology specialists within your healthcare organization.

Post a description of experiences or observations about how nurse informaticists and/or data or technology specialists interact with other professionals within your healthcare organization. Suggest at least one strategy on how these interactions might be improved. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain the impact you believe the continued evolution of nursing informatics as a specialty and/or the continued emergence of new technologies might have on professional interactions.

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