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The Importance of Collaboration in Teaching

The Importance of Collaboration in Teaching

  1. The chapter taught me the importance of collaborating with my colleagues as a teacher.
  2. The chapter taught me the importance of interacting with and contacting families as a teacher.
  3. It taught me the reasons why some families resist involvement in school activities.
  4. It taught me to work through language and cultural differences while interacting with families and colleagues.
  5. It taught me the different approaches I can use to communicate with families.
  6. It educated me on adequate preparation for conducting parent-teacher conferences.
  7. The chapter widened my perspective on collaboration.
  8. The chapter taught me how to collaborate with everyone as a teacher, from students, colleagues, community, families, and school administrators (Burden, Paul, and David 337).
  9. The chapter instilled in me the necessary collaboration skills like problem-solving and communication skills.
  10. Finally, the chapter taught me the importance of working with families as a tutor.


Burden, Paul, and David (2013) say teachers can never teach in isolation (p.13). They must collaborate and interact with others to meet the student’s needs. Therefore, the most important takeaway from this chapter is the reasons for collaboration. As a teacher, the chapter has taught me that collaboration is part of the career because I can effectively meet the learner’s needs by interacting and collaborating with colleagues, students, and families. Secondly, collaborating will help me as a teacher to improve my professional expertise by engaging in professional development. Collaboration helps me as a teacher to learn and improve my skills by gaining knowledge from colleagues and already experienced tutors. Collaborating with others will also help me learn how to effectively interact with families and make them part of student learning. Finally, the collaboration will help me gain leadership skills, which will be handy when addressing school development issues. Generally, the chapter taught me that collaboration does not mean interacting with my fellow teachers but it extends to the community and families.

Work Cited

Burden, Paul R., and David M. Byrd. Methods for effective teaching: Meeting the needs of all students. Allyn & Bacon, 2013.


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The Importance of Collaboration in Teaching

The Importance of Collaboration in Teaching

Identify and list 10 points that you found important in this chapter; your list of 10 ideas should be written in complete sentences and numbered from 1 to 10. These points should express ideas and thoughts that you have learned. Then, write a summary paragraph (8-10 sentences) explaining what you personally took away from this chapter that you feel will be the most useful for you in the classroom when working with young children.
Burden, Paul R. & Byrd, David M. (2016). Methods for Effective Teaching. Boston: Allyn and Bacon – 8th Edition.

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