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The Impact of Environments and Culture on Human Development

The Impact of Environments and Culture on Human Development

People’s environment and culture shape them in many ways they can hardly admit or realize. These influences are largely subconscious; hence, identifying the otherwise subtle features is difficult. Environments and people’s cultures play a significant role in shaping their opinions and behavior.

People’s social nature exposes them to the effects of the environment. Such a social nature builds the desire to be accepted; hence, people will do things to feel appreciated and identify with specific groups. For instance, a single male college freshman hanging around colleagues with girlfriends is likely to take the initiative of looking for a girlfriend. Do you need help for completing your assignment ? We offer assignment help with high professionalism.

Moreover, the synergetic relationship between an individual and the environment affects people’s behavior. This relationship is particularly relevant for social settings like wealth versus poverty. Individuals who are born in poverty can transform their situation and become rich. Likewise, those born rich may become impoverished during the later stages of their lives. In this case, the opportunities presented by the environment and one’s ability to identify and pursue the opportunities make a difference.

For instance, a renowned footballer like Marcus Rashford was born in poverty. However, he has since used opportunities in the UK (professional football) to create wealth. Rashford’s age-mates born in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to such opportunities.

Culture also shapes people’s development right from the time they are born. The impacts of culture on a child’s developmental journey include language, belief systems, values, and how they see themselves as members of society. Collectivism and individualism are excellent examples of cultural aspects that manifest in people daily. Those born or living in individualistic cultures such as Europe and the US exhibit self-preserving behaviors.


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The Impact of Environments and Culture on Human Development

The Impact of Environments and Culture on Human Development

Describe how a person’s environment and culture help to shape their development.

Please note:
Answers should be written entirely in your own words, not copied from the textbook or other sources. Any question asking for examples must be original examples created by you, not examples from your book.

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