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The Functions of Grading

The Functions of Grading

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  1. Chapter 12 taught me the purpose and functions of grading.
  2. The chapter educates on the features and strengths of the different grading systems.
  3. It teaches the necessary steps for assigning grades to learners.
  4. I learned how to identify the non-achievement outcomes.
  5. It explains how teachers can measure and report non-achievement outcomes.
  6. I learned how to format the information to be recovered in a grade book efficiently.
  7. The chapter explained the information to be recorded in a grade book.
  8. The chapter taught me the different types of grading systems, such as letter grades, descriptive assessments, and percentage grades (Burden, Paul, and David 316).
  9. The chapter taught me the need to use different assessment processes to verify, support, and document learning.
  10. The chapter also describes the four common ways that tutors confound achievement grades.

The one thing I took away from the chapter was the functions of grading. The two primary functions of grades are to aid in making administrative decisions and to provide information about learners within the school. Grades also have informational functions as they inform families and learners about the student’s academic progress. This means grades inform families about their kids’ performances and provide the basis for questioning teachers about the learner’s performance. In addition, grades have administrative and guidance functions. Grades are used administratively to determine graduation and promotion, admission, and award honours. Grades are used as guidance because counsellors can use them to determine the weaknesses and interests of learners. As a result, counsellors can help learners develop better self-understanding and more realistic vocational and educational plans using children’s strengths identified using their grades. Therefore, I understood the vitality of grades to learners, teachers, institutions, and parents.

Work Cited

Burden, Paul R., and David M. Byrd. Methods for effective teaching: Meeting the needs of all students. Allyn & Bacon, 2013.


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The Functions of Grading

The Functions of Grading

Identify and list 10 points that you found important in this chapter; your list of 10 ideas should be written in complete sentences and numbered from 1 to 10. These points should express ideas and thoughts that you have learned. Then, write a summary paragraph (8-10 sentences) explaining what you personally took away from this chapter that you feel will be the most useful for you in the classroom when working with young children.
Burden, Paul R. & Byrd, David M. (2016). Methods for Effective Teaching. Boston: Allyn and Bacon – 8th Edition.

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