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The Effect of Energy Sources on Environmental Pollution and Human Health

The Effect of Energy Sources on Environmental Pollution and Human Health

The Effect of Energy Sources on Environmental Pollution and Human Health

Part I

Energy Source Annual Net Power Generation


CO2 Emissions
Sulfur Dioxide, NOx, and Other Emissions (tons) Methane emissions


Solid Waste Output (tons) Safety

(# deaths from air pollution and accidents)

Nuclear 19,959,126 0 0 0 35 tons radioactive waste 0.20
Natural Gas 1,880,832 797,711 3,457 28,200 2000 tons scale sludge, scrapings 5.31
Coal 14,049,804 16,267,643 620,929 3,806,661 200,000 tons coal combustion residues (ash) 345.91
Solar 101,965 0 0 0 0 0.0019
Biomass 31,540 710 493 3,668 13 tons ash 0.146
Wind 884,986 0 0 0 0 0.031
Hydropower 477,853 0 0 0 0 0.012


Part II: Lab Report

Title: The Effect of Energy Sources on Environmental Pollution and Human Health


Energy sources are one of the primary causes of the climate crisis. Non-renewable energy sources like natural gas and coal have been the main energy sources for a long time. However, they have also contributed to adverse effects that lead to environmental pollution and adverse effects on human health. The solution to these crises is changing from greenhouse gas-emitting energy sources to clean energy. Therefore, this Analysis of Energy Sources Lab test was conducted to determine the most efficient and less polluting energy sources that can replace the greenhouse gas-emitting energy sources.


The dictionary definition of renew is to replenish or to restore. As such, renewable energy uses materials that can be restored, while non-renewable means that once the materials are used in energy production, they get used up and cannot be used again. The main non-renewable energy sources are coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and oil. One of the main things associated with non-renewable energy is that it produces a lot of pollutants, primarily carbon dioxide (Squalli, 2017). Notably, nuclear energy is a non-renewable power source but does not produce carbon dioxide; hence is a clean energy source.

Conversely, renewable energy is produced from sources that do not run out, like the sun for solar, water for hydroelectric power, geothermal, and wind. Besides, all renewable power sources do not produce any pollutants, making them all clean energy sources (Ali et al., 2017).

Hypothesis/Predicted Outcome

Renewable power sources and nuclear power produce little to no pollutants than non-renewable power sources, primarily natural gas, oil, and coal.


I read the resources provided in class, analyzed the information, and wrote my conclusions. In addition, I also researched a few reliable sources on the internet that supported my conclusions. These articles were by Squalli (2017) and Ali et al. (2017).


My data showed that non-renewable power sources, except nuclear power, produce massive amounts of pollutants. The amount of pollutants produced is concerning as the data showed that it leads to loss of human life and adverse climate changes. In addition, the data showed that non-renewable energy is more advantageous because it does not produce pollutants. Notably, even though nuclear power is non-renewable, it produces few pollutants and more power than all other power sources.


The hypothesis stated that renewable power sources and nuclear power produce little to no pollutants than non-renewable power sources, primarily natural gas, oil, and coal. The results confirmed this hypothesis. I expected that renewable power sources would prove more advantageous than non-renewable power sources; these expectations were met. Based on the lab research, I learned that the world is considering switching to renewable energy and nuclear power to save the planet.


Ali, S., Anwar, S., & Nasreen, S. (2017). Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy and its Impact on Environmental Quality in South Asian Countries. Forman Journal of Economic Studies13.

Squalli, J. (2017). Renewable energy, coal as a baseload power source, and greenhouse gas emissions: Evidence from US state-level data. Energy127, 479-488.


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Write a Lab Report using the scientific method. Your report will include all of the following:
Purpose: In 2–3 sentences, state the purpose of the Analysis of Energy Sources Lab.

The Effect of Energy Sources on Environmental Pollution and Human Health

The Effect of Energy Sources on Environmental Pollution and Human Health

Introduction: In a detailed paragraph, summarize what is currently known about renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. Use the background information provided in the Unit 4 Lab: Analysis of Energy Sources.
Hypothesis / predicted outcome: In 1 sentence, state what you expect the results of the lab procedure to be.
Methods: In a detailed paragraph, summarize the steps you performed to collect the data in this lab exercise. The goal of the Methods section is to include enough information so that others can duplicate your process and obtain the same results.
Results/outcome: In a detailed paragraph, summarize your data.
Discussion/analysis: In a detailed paragraph, discuss whether you obtained the expected results and what you learned from the lab.

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