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The Drive to Be a Literacy Teacher

The Drive to Be a Literacy Teacher

The statement, “In 2023, all teachers should be literacy teachers”, is accurate because all academic disciplines need a required literacy component. According to Galda (2017), children’s literature is essential in the everyday K-8 classroom because it expands a child’s comprehension of the world and themselves, supports the development of multicultural viewpoints, provides learning resources to help the children learn across various curriculum standards and content areas, and offers the tools that support a child’s development as a writer or reader. Therefore, all teachers should be literacy teachers to create a good foundation for learners to develop their learning process and advance their understanding of various disciplines at all academic levels.

In addition, Cullen (2016) argues that some literacy-related abilities, such as the ability to comprehend and read printed material, are necessary across all content area classes, and more specialized teaching strategies are required to understand texts and learn from them as the complexity in the learning of the content area increases. Therefore, teachers should be literacy teachers to design the right strategies to adapt to the complexity of learning in various content areas. The main types of literacy teachers need to improve the learning process across multiple disciplines include disciplinary, intermediate, and basic literacy. Disciplinary literacy consists of the technical application of literacy within various academic disciplines and the use of investigating, reasoning, reading, writing, and speaking. Intermediate literacy includes using visuals and graphics, asking questions, and predicting to demonstrate the relationship between ideas, terms, and concepts. Lastly, basic literacy includes writing and reading. The three types of literacy may not apply in all disciplines, but at least one type is applicable in a specific discipline, hence the need for all teachers to be literacy teachers.


Cullen, K. (2016). Steps to success: Crossing the bridge between literacy research and practice. Open SUNY Textbooks.

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The Drive to Be a Literacy Teacher

The Drive to Be a Literacy Teacher

Discussion # 3: Please post your thoughts to the prompts below and respond to at least 1 peer.

Discussion #3: The drive to be a literacy teacher

Respond to this statement: “In 2023, all teachers should be literacy teachers”. Is this an accurate statement or are there some academic disciplines that don’t need a required literacy component?

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