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The Complexity in the Simplicity of Relationships

The Complexity in the Simplicity of Relationships

Moral principles test people on their values and actions that they deem fit. Hemingway emphasizes the morals associated with the decision to obscure an abortion. The oppressive nature is painted in the setting, whereby the couple escapes into an early shade available for temporal relief as they await the train’s arrival. Their conversation is significant as it starts with discussing a drink they need to take suggesting a drink first before they indulge in serious matters. It involves a pregnant young woman who gets pressure from her lover to procure an abortion. The man responsible for the pregnancy makes many remarks to convince her to go through the procedure, which she is uncomfortable with. As the story goes on, she experiences a moment of realization in which she becomes aware of the man’s real intentions—the dilemma she is put through. The poem resonates well with any woman who has in their life felt pushed to the point of doing something they did not want to do. “Hills Like White Elephants” illustrates the complexities associated with relationships, their simplicity, the manipulations that come with relationships, and the morality associated with relationships. Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

The relationship between the man and the woman is characterized by silence, little talk, and outbursts resulting from irritation. The tension suggests that the two are trying to talk about the white elephant. Although abortion is illegal, taboo, and does not go along with the right morals as society expects, the man manages to convince her when he says, “I think it’s the best thing to do…” (84). Besides that, they were in an extramarital affair since they were not in a marriage setting and got pregnant. After he convinces her to procure an abortion, terming it as a simple procedure, and she doesn’t have to worry, she says, “Then I’ll do it because I don’t care about me” (95). This statement emphasizes the level of eagerness she had so that she could please the man. She has not reached the age and mental capacity of a mature man who stands his ground on what they believe in. While the man sees the pregnancy as a stumbling block, the lady feels that it is a binding reason for their life together with family. The simplicity by which the man manipulated her into thinking abortion was the solution illustrates the properties of their relationship.

As the man walks, the readers feel the pregnancy’s oppressiveness in his perception as he is worried the lady may not terminate it. He is going through something he doesn’t want, and it is why he drinks before rejoining the girl, “He drank an Anis at the bar and looked at the people” (158). He is frustrated, but he rejoins her later to feign normalcy, refusing to communicate in favor of avoidance and concealment when he asks her, “Do you feel better?” (161). As the story ends, Heming is brief, but the account is tense when the girl says, “Would you please please please please please please please stop talking?” (137), and has an ambiguous note where the couple prepares to board the train.

The white elephant is a symbol that is meant to emphasize the story’s subject. From a general perspective, the white elephant could be an honour, gift, or burden, and in this plot, it is a burden of pregnancy, the symbolism of it is clear when the girl says, “I know. But if I do it, then it will be nice again if I say things are like white elephants, and you’ll like it?” (89). It is also used to point out to represent female fertility where there are swollen abdomen and breasts to suggest a person who intends to have a child, as the girl also says, “They don’t really look like white elephants. I just meant the coloring of their skin through the trees,” (54). The symbol has been used sparingly to point out various things.

In conclusion, “Hill Like The White Elephant” is a rich poem that bears much more every time you read it. Considering the contrast between the hot, dry valley and fertile fields that had grains. Symbolism is used to describe the relationship between the American man and the girl. The use of symbols has been a good way to pass crucial information more decently.

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The Hills Like The White Elephants

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The Complexity in the Simplicity of Relationships

The Complexity in the Simplicity of Relationships

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  • The Complexity in the Simplicity of Relationships

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