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The Community Health Nurse

The Community Health Nurse

Community health nurses work within the community setting, assessing and evaluating the healthcare needs of the different age groups and the community at large (Chilton et al., 2012). The needs of different communities vary depending on the resources that the community has and also the risk factors. One of the roles that community health nurses play alongside community stakeholders in health promotion is community education. The education programs could be targeted toward the common illnesses in the community and the risk factors so that the community can be able to avoid these risk factors for the sake of their health. Education is an instrumental tool in having a healthy community. They get educated on how to eat healthy and exercise as well as how to protect themselves against diseases. A good example is the prevention of malaria, whereby education is provided on the causes, signs, and symptoms and how to stay safe by ensuring that there are no bushes around, which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, as well as sleeping under treated mosquito nets. Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

The second role is providing screening services for lifestyle diseases and chronic diseases (Chilton, Bain, Clarridge, & Melling, 2012). This is close to giving direct care to the community members. When the resources available are enough to facilitate such services, the community health nurses work on the ground, whereby they screen the community members for diseases. Those who are healthy are advised on how to remain healthy, while those who are sick are referred to treatment centers. Some of the diseases that can be screened include high blood pressure, diabetes, different types of cancer, and HIV/ AIDS. In relation to this, the nurses distribute any resources that can help in promoting community health, and a good example is the distribution of condoms, especially to areas with large numbers of young adults who are likely to engage in unprotected sex.

These nurses also play a role in promoting a healthy environment. Once in a while, they can participate in environment-cleaning activities such as clearing bushes and collecting garbage within the community. Community health nurses also work in schools to sensitize them to the need for healthy lifestyles. In the present day, evidence-based practices are also adopted by community health workers. There is also so much more that community health workers can do, but in a nutshell, their role is to promote healthy lifestyles, educate the community, evaluate their needs, conduct research when necessary, and provide direct care (Chilton et al., 2012).

Appraisal of community resources is important as a part of the community assessment because the availability of resources determines the health of the community. This is in the sense that a lack of certain resources can be a risk factor for diseases. One example is the lack of safe and quality water for use by the community. Another example is the lack of fresh air/ air pollution. When there are enough resources, communities are more likely to be safe, and the risk of diseases decreases.


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How does the community health nurse recognize bias, stereotypes, and implicit bias within the community? How should the nurse address these concepts to ensure health promotion activities are culturally competent?

The Community Health Nurse

The Community Health Nurse

Propose strategies that you can employ to reduce cultural dissonance and bias to deliver culturally competent care. Include an evidence-based article that addresses the cultural issue. Cite and reference the article in APA format.

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