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The Civil Society and the Role of Nonprofit Agencies

The Civil Society and the Role of Nonprofit Agencies

It is important to understand that at the beginning when gold was in plenty in California, the Chinese, Indians, as well as the Hispanics were treated well by the white miners. Initially, these white miners were happy that the ‘foreigners’ were hard-working and more than willing to take up the low-paying jobs. However, several years later, mistreatment by the white miners soon took effect. One of the primary reasons for that was the exhaustion of gold in these regions. The newest white gold miners could not find gold as easily as they had thought, and this led to increased frustrations (Stange 3). Soon, these ‘foreigners’ were seen as a threat and competition, which led to their accusation that they were stealing jobs from the whites and significantly reducing the wages because they readily accepted low wages in comparison to their white counterparts. For example, the peculiar lifestyle of the Chinese was initially thought of as exciting, but now it was regarded as inferior to that of the whites, and they were gradually deemed as exotic and weak.

The treatment of these ‘foreign’ workers was violent, and the government turned a blind eye to this and sometimes even supported them. The miners were frequently driven even from abandoned mines violently. In a report by Alta California, 200 hundred Chinese miners had been robbed and four of them were killed (Chan 44). On the other hand, it is important to understand that the standards of living were escalating, and even the working class among the white population was finding it hard to get by, and also, the rates of immigration were increasing. In this regard, the white workers felt the ‘foreigners’ were literally taking their jobs for low pay, and resentment quickly grew among them. The fact that whites were now out of work justified their violence against the ‘foreigners’

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The Civil Society and the Role of Nonprofit Agencies

The Civil Society and the Role of Nonprofit Agencies

Identify a problem in society that could be addressed through a partnership between a nonprofit and a government. Why is it appropriate to address this problem with a partnership? Could this problem be addressed by one or the other? Explain why.

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