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The Brain And Development

The Brain And Development

Experiences during early development potentiate brain function, leading to individual differences that could contribute to behavioral dysfunction and risk for chronic diseases over the lifetime. Three common environmental factors are stress, drugs, and exposure to toxins or infections. Evidence has found that “exposure to lead and certain pesticides and other common chemicals, have cause children to test at a lower IQ level (O O c Cause Source(S) of Exposure Adverse Health Effects, n.d.)” Exposures have also been found to be associated with autism, attention and memory problems, and severe other learning difficulties. “Stress is associated with accelerated cellular ageing (Tooley et al., 2021).” This can mean that if a child is too stressed and they do not get to experience childhood, they could age faster than their brain is ready. Drugs are a big issue in brain development. If a mother takes meth during pregnancy, it may affect how the baby grows and develops, leading to serious health problems and learning disabilities. Do you need urgent assignment help ? Get in touch with us at

I have selected the stage known as the “Preschool” stage. This is usually ages three to five years old. A child should have increased control over their emotions at this stage and better fine motor skills. The child’s brain during this age is sensitive to new information, and the things the child does or learns can affect the child’s future development. The cerebral cortex, limbic system, and cerebellum develop in this stage. The cerebral cortex “controls the most basic bodily functions, to the cortex, which governs the most complex thinking (Your Child’s Brain Development: 3 to 5 Years, 2014).” The limbic system is the center, and it controls emotions and behaviors. The cerebellum is responsible for their fine motor skills, like throwing a ball more accurately. One major challenge in this stage is the child’s shortened attention span. During this stage, the child’s attention span is usually less than when they were toddlers.


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Two paragraphs with at least 100 words per paragraph explaining the following should include a reference for each paragraph.

The Brain And Development

The Brain And Development

1. Identify three common environmental factors children might encounter that impede brain development and share how that might affect the classroom environment. Cite all sources used in your response.

2. Select one childhood development stage. Based on brain development, what behaviors and challenges are expected? Link these to the specific brain parts that are developing or not developed at the selected stage.

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