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Telematic devices in health insurance companies

Telematic devices in health insurance companies

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As technology advances, wearable devices have become more popular by providing a new level of entertainment and a tracker that aids in improving consumer products and lifestyles. As popularity continues to rise, health insurance companies have found ways to benefit just as consumers. Health insurance companies should be able to do the same to policyholders through wearable tech because, like car mile tracking devices, Telematic health devices can give more accurate patient health status data. “Just like tracking devices in cars, wearable devices make it easy for insurers to incentivize customers to make good decisions. Some have already started rewarding customers monetarily if their fitness tracker records a certain amount of exercise. After all, fitness trackers can easily send insurers information on the number of calories burned, at which point they can give customers credit on their bill or simply money toward a gift card when they reach a certain goal. In this way, wearable devices can benefit both insurers and their customers” (How Wearable Technology Benefits Health Insurance Companies, 2018). Most calculations are done off estimation and usually don’t reflect or individualize details. But with wearable tech devices, insurance companies could individualize results based on real-time data that could be pulled from reports. This would provide an individualized premium based on report data that reflects a patient’s health and lifestyle. With any innovation, there are always potential downsides. Many consumers fear sharing their information with the idea of it being sold to a third party. Insurance companies must reassure and protect consumers that sensitive data will not be shared. Telematic devices are continuously growing and becoming more advanced and integrated into everyday life. As they grow, the potential in the major marketplace is endless.

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Telematic devices in health insurance companies

Telematic devices in health insurance companies

Cite at least two (2) peer-reviewed reference

Respond to the following:

Insurance companies use telematic devices (e.g., safe driving devices) to collect billions of miles worth of driving data from policyholders. Consider the impact that similar devices can have on health care.

Should health insurance companies be able to collect health data on policyholders through wearable tech to inform the costs of insuring individuals? Consider the question from legal and ethical standpoints. Defend your answer by citing 2 to 3 reputable sources on the topic.

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