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TED Talk – Eating Disorders

TED Talk – Eating Disorders

The Ted Talk by Ilona Kajokiene is about eating disorders. The speaker has given an elaborate explanation that helps one understand the root causes or the issues underpinning eating disorders. In this explanation, five key things that I believe were important were mentioned in the talk. Firstly, the speaker said eating disorders are challenging to treat because they are influenced by eating habits and other factors (Kajokiene, 2016). This statement is necessary because it reaffirms that another factor inside an individual controls eating disorders. As such, when dealing with eating disorders, these factors should be considered for one to offer the best healing process. Secondly, the speaker also stated that eating disorder is an umbrella terminology that covers three mental illnesses, which are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. This point is essential because it clarifies that eating disorders are connected to psychological conditions (Kajokiene, 2016). Therefore, when dealing with eating disorders, one must consider the mental challenges that connect with them instead of looking into diet issues only. Thirdly, the speaker added that eating disorders are linked to psychological and physical problems (Kajokiene, 2016). This statement is essential because one learns that when treating this issue, one must consider the physical and mental issues related to this illness. The fourth most important point that Kajokiene made was that eating disorders are about emotions, especially shame. This was a very insightful point because people rarely think of this connection. Most importantly, the significance of this point is that it helps one understand why people with eating disorders also have self-esteem issues. The fifth most crucial point from the Ted Talk is that social and psychological attitudes influence how people perceive themselves (Kajokiene, 2016). This point was selected because it was considered necessary in helping one connect a person’s psychological factors and social environment with their perception of self and, thus, their attitudes.


Kajokiene, I. (2016, April 29). Eating Disorders: Why is it so Hard to Treat Them? [Video]. YouTube.


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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders


View the I. Kajokiene TED talk. Share 5 statements she made in her TED talk that were the most insightful for you, and explain your reasoning for selection.

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