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Technology and Learning

Technology and Learning

Impact of Technology Like Twitter, PWe’ll, or Screen Capture, Like Kahn Academy Uses, on Learning Methods

According to Rajan (2020), technology is being embraced in learning, mainly due to the rise of online learning that became” popular after COVID-19. The availability of affordable Smartphones has improved internet services, making it easier to use online sites such as Twitter and Prezi (Sharpe, 2011). Subsequently, Khan Academy has been using technology to improve the learning experience and create a flexible learning environment. The most common technology used by the institution is screen capturing. According to Stannard (2015), screen-capturing technology in the learning environment records lectures and uploads them online so students can access them. Screen capturing consistently changes how people learn by eliminating the need to attend in-class learning sessions. The lecturer can record the lecture and display the content in PowerPoint, including diagrams or graphs. In addition, screen capture allows the lecturer to explain everything in the lecture, including marking schemes for upcoming tests to ensure the learners adequately prepare.

Applying the Concept of “Flipping the Classroom”

Flipping the classroom includes exposing students to new learning materials outside the classroom, usually through lecture videos and reading. Then, class time is used to assimilate that knowledge through debates, discussion, and problem-solving (Mehring, 2017). I would use the concept of flipping the classroom in my classroom by creating an online tutoring website to tutor learners in different subjects through lecture videos and assessing whether they understand the concepts taught in my lecture videos through timed online quizzes. I can then review their performance in class and set aside extra tuition time for students who still have a problem grasping course content. I would also create an online discussion platform on my website to enable the students to discuss the concepts taught in class and exchange ideas to facilitate effective learning.


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Technology and Learning

Technology and Learning

How is technology like Twitter, Prezi, or screen capture, like Kahn Academy uses, changing how people learn? How could you use “flipping the classroom” in your workplace or classroom? Please be specific with your example.

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