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Team Leader Priorities at Walmart

Team Leader Priorities at Walmart

Top Three Team Leader Priorities

One of the crucial team leader priorities in a Walmart store is to hire, train, and retain the best talent. Having the best talent is key to ensuring the company delivers the best services to the customer. Also, retention strategies prevent the best employees from leaving to join other companies (Duygulu & Çiraklar, 2008). Another vital team leader priority is ensuring effective communication to keep team members informed and motivated. Finally, a team leader must align with personal, team, and organizational beliefs and values (Duygulu & Çiraklar, 2008). The alignment ensures leaders are positively perceived when dealing with employees.

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The Impact of Team Leader Priorities on Organizational Success

Firstly, hiring, training, and retaining the best talent are crucial in upholding the company culture. That is because such employees will have worked for the company long enough to master its culture. On the contrary, new employees may struggle to master an organization’s culture. Secondly, effective communication keeps employees updated and drives a sense of importance among employees. Finally, when a leader aligns with individual, team, and organizational goals, they set an excellent example for their followers to pursue.

Team Success

A team becomes successful when all participants are motivated by the team’s core values. I discovered the value of teamwork when I played semi-professional soccer. Whenever anyone on the team would score, we would all celebrate. That is because we all share a common goal of winning; hence, it is easy to celebrate a champion who makes individual progress.

Factors Impacting Team Success

According to Gyanchandani et al. (2019), one of the factors that impact team performance is communication. Effective communication means team members handle conflicts and problems in a way that does not destroy existing relationships. A lack of effective communication exacerbates conflict and can lead to a complete breakdown of relationships. Another factor that affects team performance is the level of trust and cooperation. Where there is trust, it is easy for team members to collaborate and execute team tasks. However, the lack of trust delays task execution since members spend much time inspecting one another.


Duygulu, E., & Çiraklar, N. (2008). (PDF) Team Effectiveness and Leadership Roles. ResearchGate.



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Leaders at Walmart have a tremendous impact on team goals, team behaviours, team relationships, team problem-solving, and overall team productivity. The impact makes itself apparent in the ways that teams are influenced, weakened, or strengthened by the leader’s skills in prioritizing various leadership elements, dimensions, and functions. The following is a list of some typical functions of successful leaders:

Team Leader Priorities at Walmart

Team Leader Priorities at Walmart

Demonstrating alignment with personal, team, and organizational values and beliefs

Exhibiting an effective interpersonal engagement style in interactions with team members

Identifying, acquiring, retaining, and developing talented team members

Communicating effectively to inform and motivate team members

Helping teams make solid decisions and solve difficult problems


Review additional outside resources on the impact of leadership on team success. Use the results of your research and this week’s content to complete the assignment.

Place yourself in the role of a team leader in your Walmart store or business. Choose three functions from the list above that will help you successfully lead your team.

In 275 words, double-spaced, address the following:

Rank your three selections and explain your rationale.

Answer: How do your choices impact team performance and success?

Define what team success looks like to you. Provide an example from your professional experience that supports your definition.

Answer: What factors, external to the team, can impact team success?

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