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Taking Action to Utilize the Sales Team to Double Corporate Sales

Taking Action to Utilize the Sales Team to Double Corporate Sales

Management is composed of various functions that include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In the provided scenario, there is a need to double corporate sales. Notably, this can be achieved through effective management actions. Thus, this paper elaborates on management actions to utilize the sales team to double corporate sales with respect to effective management characteristics and behavior, as well as actions required to plan, lead, organize, and control the sales team.

Characteristics of Effective Managers Most Appropriate to the Situation

Effective managers should bear specific characteristics that can assist in guiding the sales team to achieve double corporate sales. First, an effective manager will require efficient and effective communication skills. Notably, this will help communicate clearly to the sales team the intention to double corporate sales within the specified period. Second, effective managers need to be tactical. According to Sudarmo (2020), tactical managers can craft innovative ways of addressing different scenarios within their management realm. Considering this, tactical managers will be able to prepare the best way to attain the set corporate goal. Lastly, effective managers should have team-leading capabilities as they are essential for doubling corporate sales.

Recommended Behaviors for Managers to be Effective in the Situation

Managers should behave in a specific way to attain double corporate sales. Their behavior should be assertive, whereby they know all the circumstances necessary for achieving the targeted goal. They should be proactive about the group dynamics and the unique differences and similarities within the sales team (Jakubik, 2021). Such behavior will be crucial in ensuring the team’s diversity is respected as a measure to encourage other team members to work towards the goal despite the differences among them.

Actions Needed to Plan for this Situation

Planning for the goal of doubling sales for the corporate team will entail collecting information regarding the market. Analyzing the collected data will help set objectives to meet to ensure the overall goal of doubling sales is attained. Another action required entails strategizing. Strategizing, in this case, relates to the drafting of marketing activities to be undertaken to reach the target. Notably, this action will significantly rely on the information acquired and analyzed.

Actions Needed to Organize in this Situation

Various actions will be required concerning the organization. According to Singh et al. (2021), organizing relates to assembling the items needed to perform a specific action. For the given scenario of doubling sales, organizing efforts will entail the semblance of financial resources required to actualize the plan. The targeted program can only succeed with financial resources to support the marketing plan. Therefore, the actions to be taken under this aspect will entail sourcing funds through budgetary allocation and borrowing any deficits that may arise.

Actions Needed to Lead in this Situation

Various actions will be required to lead in this scenario. According to Hillmann & Guenther (2021), teaching as a management function entails guiding others toward the required direction. A manager leading a corporation in doubling sales will lead by example. Notably, this means the manager will perform other followers’ actions. Further, the manager will have to give instructions to the sales team as a leadership action. Additionally, the manager will direct and delegate responsibility to various sales team members. Lastly, the manager will follow up on the performance of each party in the sales team and take corrective measures deemed necessary.

Actions Needed for Control in this Situation

The controlling function of management generally ensures that conformity is met between what is planned and the actual results. Therefore, a manager in the given scenario will guide and take control of the system by ensuring the intended results are being met. Actions to be undertaken regarding management entail subdividing the overall work into small, manageable tasks that are measurable in performance. For example, suppose a team member was responsible for reaching out to five new public members through marketing actions. In that case, this will be evaluated at the end of the day, and an activity will be undertaken depending on what is achieved.

In summary, the discussion above in the sections covered offers insight into what a manager should undertake to utilize a sales team to double corporate sales. Essentially, the aspects discussed are drawn from a management perspective. For the scenario provided, a manager should consider the actions given pertaining to leading, controlling, planning and organizing for effective results.


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For this assignment, choose one of the offered scenarios and describe the actions a manager should take when planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. After describing the scenario, describe the characteristics most important to managers in such a scenario as well as the behaviors they should demonstrate in order to be successful.

Taking Action to Utilize the Sales Team to Double Corporate Sales

Taking Action to Utilize the Sales Team to Double Corporate Sales

In your assignment, include the following:

Characteristics of effective managers most appropriate to the situation
Recommended behaviors for managers to be effective in the situation
Actions needed to plan for this situation
Actions needed to organize in this situation
Actions needed to lead in this situation
Actions needed for control in this situation

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