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SWOT Analysis and Strategic Goal-CVS Health

SWOT Analysis and Strategic Goal-CVS Health


What are the recognized strengths of your identified area?

The organization has a strong and well-known brand image, instilling customer trust and dependability. Its diversified service portfolio includes retail pharmacy services, speciality pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, clinical services, and healthcare clinics, catering to a wide range of consumer demands. CVS Health benefits from a vast retail presence, with multiple locations across the United States giving easy access to healthcare products and services (Prentosito et al., 2022). Another major strength is the organization’s vertical integration since it manages one of the country’s largest pharmacy benefit management firms through its subsidiary, CVS Caremark. Finally, the organization consistently achieves solid financial results, ensuring the availability of resources for strategic projects and expansion.

What does your identified area do better than other companies?

Its substantial retail presence and well-established brand image give customers easy access to diverse healthcare products and services. Second, as a pharmacy benefit management firm, the organization’s vertical integration allows for optimum prescription drug cost and delivery, giving it a competitive advantage. Finally, CVS Health’s varied service portfolio, which includes retail pharmacy services, speciality pharmacy services, and clinical services, enables it to meet a wide range of healthcare demands, outperforming several competitors in complete offers.

What unique capabilities or resources does your identified area possess?

CVS Health has distinct talents and resources that set it apart from other healthcare firms. These include a strong brand image, a large retail network, and the incorporation of pharmacy benefit management services, which allow for optimum prescription drug pricing and delivery and a varied range of healthcare options.

 What do other companies consider to be your strength?

CVS Health’s significant retail presence and well-established brand image are considered major strengths by other companies in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, competitors see CVS Health’s pharmacy benefit management services and comprehensive service portfolio as major features that set it apart in the industry.


What are the recognized weaknesses of your identified area?

One important issue is the potential negative impact on its retail sector due to the growing trend of online shopping and competition from e-commerce behemoths. Furthermore, the business may need help managing and integrating its acquisitions and collaborations, potentially leading to operational inefficiencies and disruptions. Given CVS Health’s large-scale operations, another problem is the possible perception of insufficient personalized care in comparison to smaller, independent pharmacies (Tofighi et al., 2022).

What do competitors do better than your identified area?

Some competitors, for example, may place a greater emphasis on personalized patient treatment and developing strong client relationships. Furthermore, other companies may have more inventive and advanced technological solutions, particularly in the realms of digital health and telemedicine, providing them with a competitive advantage in this changing market. Finally, some competitors may have a more streamlined and efficient operational structure, allowing them to deliver services faster and more agilely.

What areas can be improved in your current position?

Some areas within CVS Health can be improved to enhance its position in the healthcare industry. Firstly, the organization can focus on enhancing its digital healthcare offerings to meet the growing demand for telehealth and digital health services. Secondly, CVS Health can invest in strategies to improve the perception of personalized care, address potential concerns regarding the scale of its operations, and strengthen customer relationships.

What do other companies consider to be your weakness?

CVS Health’s emphasis on physical retail outlets may be viewed as less flexible and adaptable by other companies in the healthcare market (Vogenberg, 2019). Furthermore, as a pharmaceutical benefits management organization, the company’s wide activities and vertical integration may result in complications and potential issues in managing and integrating numerous systems and processes. Finally, some competitors may regard CVS Health’s brand image as more linked with ease and accessibility than customized treatment, which may influence customer preferences in specific market categories.


What trends or conditions positively impact the company?

Several changes and conditions in the healthcare industry benefit CVS Health. The growing demand for accessible and convenient healthcare services combines well with CVS Health’s substantial retail presence and various service offerings. The organization benefits from the rising emphasis on preventive care and population health management since it provides chances to expand its clinical services and wellness programs. Furthermore, the change to value-based care and alternative payment methods allows CVS Health to use its integrated healthcare model and pharmacy benefit management skills to produce cost savings and improve patient outcomes. These trends and conditions position CVS Health to capitalize on the evolving healthcare landscape and solidify its position as a leader in the industry.

What opportunities exist for the identified area?

CVS Health has several chances to profit in the healthcare market. The growing use of telehealth and digital health services provides an opportunity for CVS Health to extend its digital healthcare products and improve the accessibility and ease of its services. The organization may capitalize on the increased emphasis on preventative care and wellness by further developing and marketing its clinical services and wellness initiatives (Kumar & Ramachandran, 2020). Furthermore, the continued emphasis on healthcare affordability and cost reduction allows CVS Health to utilize its pharmacy benefit management capabilities and deliver cost savings for consumers and healthcare payers. By seizing these opportunities, CVS Health can increase its market position while meeting its clients’ changing demands.


What trends or conditions negatively impact the identified area?

Several developments and conditions in the healthcare business can have a detrimental impact on CVS Health. The rising costs of prescription pharmaceuticals and healthcare services present issues for the business in managing prices and ensuring client affordability (Mello, 2020). Second, rising competition from internet pharmacies and e-commerce platforms jeopardizes CVS Health’s traditional retail pharmacy business model. Finally, changing healthcare rules and policies might present uncertainty and compliance obligations for CVS Health, prompting the business to adapt and adjust its operations accordingly.

What is the competition doing that may impact your identified area?

Competitors are investing in digital health technologies and telemedicine platforms to provide convenient and accessible healthcare services that may entice customers away from traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Second, some competitors are improving individualized patient care and developing strong customer relationships, producing a differentiated experience that may entice clients away from CVS Health. Finally, competitors are expanding their service offerings and geographic reach through strategic partnerships and acquisitions, potentially putting competitive pressure on CVS Health in some markets.

Does your identified area have solid financial support?

Yes, CVS Health has solid financial support. The organization has consistently demonstrated strong financial performance with steady revenue growth and profitability, providing it with the necessary resources to invest in strategic initiatives, expand operations, and weather industry challenges.

What impact does your weakness have on the threats your identified area faces?

CVS Health’s flaws may influence the dangers the business faces in the healthcare market. CVS Health, for example, is subject to rising competition from online pharmacies and e-commerce platforms due to its reliance on physical retail storefronts. Ineffective acquisition, partnership management, and integration can impede an organization’s ability to respond effectively to market risks and capture possible opportunities (Knight et al., 2022). Furthermore, CVS Health may be more vulnerable to client attrition and allegiance shifts due to the potential perception of inadequate customized care compared to smaller, independent pharmacies.

Strategic Goal

According to CVS Health’s SWOT analysis, one strategic goal for the firm is to improve individualized care services and deepen client relationships to offset potential weaknesses and maximize possibilities. Implementing tactics to increase the perception of individualized care, such as improving customer communication, delivering customized healthcare services, and leveraging data analytics to understand individual needs better, are all part of this goal. CVS Health can differentiate itself from competitors, answer customer concerns about the scale of its operations, and have long-term loyalty among its client base by focusing on customized treatment. This strategy goal complements the organization’s strengths in brand awareness and wide retail presence while addressing shortcomings in individualized care perceptions and possible risks from competitors’ emphasis on customer connections.


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Assessment Description
A SWOT analysis is part of strategy formulation that leads to goal setting and then progresses to the development of a business plan. Referring to the SWOT Appendix on Pages 113-116 in the textbook will be helpful in completing this assignment.

SWOT Analysis and Strategic Goal-CVS Health

SWOT Analysis and Strategic Goal-CVS Health

Complete a SWOT analysis of your chosen organization using the “SWOT Analysis” template. Using the SWOT analysis results, develop at least one strategic goal. Submit both the completed SWOT analysis document and the strategic goal.
Be sure to cite three to five relevant credible sources in support of your content. In addition to sources found at the GCU Library, government websites, or those provided in topic Resources, you may need to search your chosen organization’s website or interview someone within that organization.
While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
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