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Sustainable Healthcare Strategies

Sustainable Healthcare Strategies

Sustainability in Health Care

Sustainability in health care is well within most organizations’ grasp simply because it can encompass many different opportunities. Whether it be various lighting sources, reducing waste, or any other solutions, most of these are obtainable by most companies. By analyzing where certain costs are higher than expected, these companies will be able to save money and do it sustainably. By taking a more in-depth initiative, these companies will not only be able to improve the overall efficiency of their facilities but also create a level of trust and admiration from the community, which can lead to not only retaining current customers but also attracting new ones’s as well (Avlonas et al., 2013). Most organizations would prefer that their “sustainability” does not come out at a massive cost to them, and rightfully so. However, if an emphasis is put on different forms of sustainability, it can save the company money in the medium and long term.

Opportunities for Dialogue

Within my current organization, I would say that the opportunity for dialogue is probably better than most. This does not mean that the change you envision will necessarily get accomplished. Still, our organization has a great relationship with several different administrations that look to improve the overall efficiency of their organization. Ensuring that an organization has a culture where consumers and employees on all levels can contribute to the cause of sustainability will prove dividends to companies willing to listen (Harris et al., 2017). Different forms of communication can be used at all organizations, with something as simple as a poster board in a break room with ideas to improve sustainability, an allotted amount of time during a department-comprehensive meeting, etc.


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What are the key strategies and opportunities for promoting sustainability in healthcare organizations?

Sustainable Healthcare Strategies

Sustainable Healthcare Strategies

how can effective dialogue and engagement with employees and consumers contribute to cost-saving and building community trust?

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