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Sustainability in Healthcare

Sustainability in Healthcare

Corporate sustainability involves implementing a strategy that enables businesses to strike a balance between the environmental, economic, humanistic, and social components. As a result, it creates value through attaining corporate success over the long term and should play a significant role in how businesses act and operate. Sustainable healthcare systems go beyond the constraints of social, economic, and environmental resources. When healthcare systems provide prompt, high-quality care services without negatively impacting the environment or diminishing natural resources, sustainability has been achieved. Incorporating sustainable models is a crucial component of sustainability in the industry.

Approaches that work harmoniously with the human body and the rest of the environment are heavily used to support the system. There are many opportunities for meaningful conversations on sustainable practices inside my organization. Monitoring the supply chains’ effects on the environment and society and treating the workers fairly to improve their well-being.


Haddiya, I., Janfi, T., & Guedira, M. (2020, August 5). Application of social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics concepts to healthcare organizations. Risk management and healthcare policy. Retrieved April 19, 2023, from


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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words

Sustainability in Healthcare

Sustainability in Healthcare

  • How do you define sustainability in health care?
  • What opportunities exist in your organization for meaningful dialogue about sustainable practices?

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