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Supply Chains

Supply Chains

Whenever I crank on my coffee maker in the early hours of the day, the jingle is the first thing that comes to my mind: Folgers. My family cannot begin the day without it. Based on a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2008 by the Folgers Coffee organization, the majority of the company’s green coffee beans come from three countries: Brazil, Colombia, and Vietnam (p. 43). Folgers starts with the roasting method once the coffee beans are dried (Folgers Coffee, n.d.) once the coffee beans have been imported and approved by the USDA. The maker then adds different flavors, grinds the beans, and packages them (Folgers Coffee, n.d.).

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A coffee filter, water, a few tablespoons of coffee grounds, and a press of a button are all it takes to make a cup of coffee. But the beans I use come from overseas, grown, picked, and packed by farmers specifically to provide Folgers. Folgers process the beans, add flavoring, package them, and distribute them to stores, and then I buy the canister from Amazon and brew it at home.


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Supply Chains

Supply Chains

TOPIC: Supply Chains

PROMPT: Choose a product that you used today. Look up where it was made and the different channel partners used to deliver that product to you. Are you surprised?

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