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Summary Of The Book Of Roman

Summary Of The Book Of Roman

Paul wrote the book of Romans to deliver God’s message to the world of the Gentiles and establish churches. Rome was the epicentre of the Gentile world, and Paul was focused on laying a solid doctrinal foundation and strengthening the body of believers. The first eleven chapters are dedicated to the doctrine, which transitions into five chapters of practical guidance. The link between doctrine and life shows the importance of our beliefs and nature.

The book starts with the phrase “to all God’s beloved in Rome”, a clear pointer to the message’s audience (Romans chapter 1). It discloses how the church in Rome was full of both Gentiles and Jews. All through the book, the sincerity of Paul is manifested in addition to his unique perspectives about God’s teaching, Jesus, the Jews, and salvation to all humanity. The main theme in the book of Romans is spreading the message of God’s righteousness and his plan for salvation or spreading the gospel. Paul describes how humans don’t have God’s righteousness because of our sinful nature.

The book of Romans was written towards the end of Paul’s third missionary journey around 57 and 58 AD. Paul had not visited Rome when he wrote the book, but he had indicated his desire to travel there in future. He wrote the book from Corinth and encountered a wide range of people, from tradesmen to idolaters and Christians. Corinth was a hotbed for idol worship and sexual immorality, and therefore, when Paul wrote to the Romans regarding the sinful nature of humanity, he was fully aware of what he was talking about as he saw it every day.


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Summarize the Book of Romans.

Summary Of The Book Of Roman

Summary Of The Book Of Roman

These will consist of a summary of the books, their main ideas or purpose, some major themes, and how they fit into the history and theology of the Old and New Testaments. Each book summary should be about 1 page.

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