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Substance Abuse Screening Tools- BSTAD versus AUDIT

Substance Abuse Screening Tools- BSTAD versus AUDIT

Substance Abuse Screening Tools: BSTAD versus AUDIT

The Brief Screener for Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs (BSTAD) is used to screen for hazardous use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. In contrast, the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) is used to screen for dangerous alcohol consumption. AUDIT is a more effective tool than BSTAD. AUDIT is used for screening patients of all age groups, while BSTAD is used to screen only adolescents. An effective tool should have wide patient coverage, such as AUDIT. BSTAD is used for patient assessment by a patient or clinical under the supervision of a medical practitioner (O’Connor et al., 2018). AUDIT, on the other hand, is a better tool in terms of usability. AUDIT is used by health care practitioners and can be used by non-health professionals and patients who have received proper training and instructions. AUDIT is available in about forty languages, increasing its efficiency and usability since it can be used by patients and healthcare practitioners who speak different languages (Habtamu & Madoro, 2022). AUDIT can be used in low, high, and medium socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures. It can also be used in specialist clinics and poorly resourced areas like primary health care.

AUDIT provides a diagnosis of alcohol dependence and other consequences and provides management and intervention methods (National Institutes of Health, 2022). AUDIT considers a patient’s alcohol intake, harm, and dependence on alcohol. AUDIT has been approved by WHO and used since 1989 without revision or an update, showing that it is a timeless and relevant screening tool (Habtamu & Madoro, 2022). AUDIT provides a drinkless program that includes a questionnaire, leaflets for receptionists, physicians, and other healthcare workers, a scoring template, a brochure, and a visual aid for general practitioners.


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Examine the AUDIT
( and another substance abuse screening tool.

Substance Abuse Screening Tools- BSTAD versus AUDIT

Substance Abuse Screening Tools- BSTAD versus AUDIT

Which one do you think is a more effective tool? Explain your opinion.

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