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Strategies to Enhance Effective Communication

Strategies to Enhance Effective Communication

Several strategies can be used for effective communication, especially when making presentations. These strategies include being aware of nonverbal cues and body language, using multiple communication nodes, including written and visual modes like pictures and videos, and knowing the audience. These are in addition to requesting feedback in the form of questions or comments to ensure the audience understands the presentation. After taking the test provided in this assignment, I learned that I need to work on my nonverbal cues and body language. Based on the results, I now know the areas I need to improve to promote effective communication in my career. Accordingly, nonverbal communication accounts for approximately 55% of communication (Peters, 2007). This makes it the most significant and reliable way to know what people are communicating, which will go a long way in helping me grow in my career.

According to Konin & Denegar (2019), some of the effective communication techniques that can be used in professional presentations include learning about the presentation’s venue and the audience. Another technique is considering how knowledgeable the audience is about the topic, which determines how the presentation is delivered. Thirdly, one can keep the audiovisuals simple and conservative and use clear, high-quality images and fonts. Fourth, the presenter should avoid using complicated words and speak slowly and clearly. Lastly, Konin & Denegar (2019) suggest that a presenter should avoid using filler words because they show nervousness and can take away or distract the audience from the intended content of the presentation.

When it comes to online communication, there is a higher risk of miscommunication. One way to ensure this does not happen is to use netiquette, the online form of communication etiquette. Netiquette includes recognizing that professional communication requires a formal tone. Sarcasm or emoji can be inappropriate in professional settings. Secondly, using all caps is considered hostile and goes against netiquette. As mentioned earlier, I need to improve my communication in various areas. One key area is on reading nonverbal cues. The second area is in presentations. There are several steps I can take to strengthen my professional presentations, including learning how to put a presentation. This comprises learning how to choose the right colors, images, and other visual aids and the right words.


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Strategies to Enhance Effective Communication

Strategies to Enhance Effective Communication

Discuss strategies for effective communication using the results from the self-evaluation on presentation skills. What area would you like to strengthen? How can you use the results to promote effective communication in your chosen career?

Research the PG Library for an article on effective communication techniques that can be used in professional presentations. Include the link to the article. Discuss ways to communicate professionally in online settings. What is one area you need to improve? What steps can you take to strengthen professional presentations?

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