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Strategies for Stress Management

Strategies for Stress Management

Part A

One of the most stressful moments in my life was when I had just joined college. I reported a bit late to college when everyone had already been admitted and started attending classes. The reason for my delay was that the money that I was supposed to pay for tuition had been used to pay for my father’s medical expenses. Now, the time to report to college had come, and I had no hope for any other source of money. My parents applied for an emergency loan from the financial institution, and as usual, the process took more days before securing the cash. After securing the loan, it was not enough for my semester college fee, yet the college insisted that all students were supposed to clear all their fees before a particular date. In other words, if the deadline for clearing the fee passed, students who still had fee arrears were automatically considered ineligible to sit for the end-of-the-semester exams.

My father was seriously sick, I had fee arrears, and in a week, we were going to sit for mid-semester assessment tests. I did not have time to prepare for the mid-semester test since I was always out trying to make a follow-up of the money so that I could beat the deadline. After reading about stress management techniques, I’m now equipped with various techniques that I can use to remain focused rather than being overwhelmed by the stress. If such a situation occurs now, I know I will handle it better than I did since; initially, I did not have stress management knowledge. Some of the ways I would approach the situation are prioritizing tasks, doing things that I enjoy, taking some relaxation, and setting aside some leisure time (Robinson et al., 2019).

Part B

The late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, is one of the renowned inventors of modern times. Through his inventive and creative ideas, Jobs managed to establish one of the world’s best technology companies that manufacture quality products. One outstanding principle that Steve Jobs used in his creativity is “do what you love.” (Gallo, 2011). In his whole life, Jobs followed his heart, and he said that following his heart or doing what he loved made all the difference. Jobs noted that it was quite difficult to come up with new and creative ideas unless one was passionate about them. This principle is different from what is written since the principles in the text seem to be bureaucratic compared to Job’s principle.


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Strategies for Stress Management

Part 1:

Strategies for Stress Management

Strategies for Stress Management

Describe one of the most stressful situations in your life and how you dealt with it before reading Chapter 2 on managing personal stress. Would you handle it any differently now that you have studied this material? If so, how?

Part B:

Through research, identify a famous individual who is known for being inventive and discuss at least one principle or approach they have used to become more creative. Compare and contrast their approach(es) to techniques covered in the eText.

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