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Strategies for Enhancing Learning

Strategies for Enhancing Learning

Strategies for Enhancing Learning

Reasoning Flaw

Bruce’s reasoning is based on only one way of achieving good grades: reading the assigned chapters several times. Bruce does not embrace other means of attaining good qualities, such as discussing with classmates or involving his professor in areas where he believes he needs assistance. Besides, reading alone may not earn him good grades if he does not study and ponder the contents of the chapters. In other words, Bruce does not think there are different ways of getting good grades besides reading for exams several times.

Possible Explanation

Bruce’s average performance may stem from anxiety regarding peers’ reactions if he gets incorrect answers in the test. This may have prevented him from engaging with the course chapters regarding developing supportive study relationships with his professor/tutor and students. He may have wanted to prove his peers wrong and improve his self-confidence through performing well. Another possible explanation for his average performance may be his expectations were higher than his efforts. He may have perceived passing exams as taking simple steps like reading chapters several times without going the extra mile of discussion, tutoring, and studying.

Conflict Resolution Approach and Future Study Techniques

Bruce should use integrating as a conflict resolution approach to solve the conflict successfully. Bruce needs to cooperate with him directly since his professor is part and parcel of his academic journey. According to Valente, Lourenço & Németh (2020), integration entails exchanging information, speaking openly, finding alternatives, and examining differences to arrive at an effective solution. This strategy would be helpful for Bruce and his professor’s case because it will allow them to present their open opinions about the issue of academic performance and the exam.

From this, they will both be able to perceive each other’s point of view and apologize to cool the tension to cooperate in formulating a learning strategy for Bruce. Besides, Bruce’s professor will be able to understand the problem or challenge that Bruce is facing. As a professional teacher, he may formulate a study plan with Bruce to help him improve his academic performance. On the other hand, Bruce will comprehend that he can use more learning strategies to improve his grades. This will only come about through sharing of information and being open with each other. For instance, the professor can devise a solution, such as peer teaching. According to Azer, Guerrero & Walsh (2013), peer teaching reinforces deeper understanding by identifying and correcting misconceptions, discovering inadequacies or gaps, and improving interpersonal and communication skills and learning skills, among other benefits.


Facial Expressions Related to Emotions

Subconscious Process

Subconscious processes refer to thoughts or behaviors that people are unaware of and inaccessible by the generating subject (Balconi et al., 2017). An example is when I often cannot trust friends and even family members because, in my childhood experience, the people I trusted most were the ones who hurt me and betrayed me. This affected my tendency to form close relationships with friends and family in the future. Subconscious processes allow for motor information, somatosensory, and proprioceptive information to allow people to move in the environment and drive the inherent recall of past experiences that are actively connoted in response to a certain situation or event (Balconi et al., 2017). As a result, these processes result in conscious outcomes like affective reactions or intentional behavior. Knowing that the subconscious behavior of not getting close to or trusting people emanates from childhood experiences, I would consciously try to involve people in my space.

Nonconscious Process

A nonconscious process refers to processes conducted without thinking about them or analyzing them critically before performing any task. For instance, a person may undergo memory loss due to old age, like my grandmother. While working as a lawyer, she used to help friends and other clients with petition papers. When she hears my uncle talking about divorce, she suddenly mentions petition papers and the identification of the joined investments, yet she could hardly remember these things before. Her mentioning of the legal procedures reflects the nonconscious processes in this case.

Mindlessness Process

Mindlessness processes refer to those processes that do not need concentration or focus on executing (Miller, 2014). For instance, when my mother separated the corn from its cob while telling us a story, she mindlessly put the corn in one basin on her right and the cob in the bucket on her left without focusing on where they landed. This made it easier for her to keep telling us the story with concentration. According to Balconi et al. (2017), it does not involve conscious, intentional focus and acceptance of mental states, feelings, thoughts, and consequences. If my mother were to focus on separating corn from the cob and throwing them in their specific basin and bucket, she would not have concentrated on telling us the stories she focused on speaking.


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Strategies for Enhancing Learning

Strategies for Enhancing Learning

Objective: List strategies for enhancing learning.

Bruce is furious when his midterm is returned with a C grade. He tells his sociology professor that he has read each of the assigned chapters three times, and if someone can do that and be average, there’s something wrong with the test! Bruce’s comments outraged the professor, and they began a heated conversation. Both parties make degrading statements to each other.

  1. Based on your understanding of critical thinking and memory, describe one (1) flaw in Bruce’s reasoning.
  2. Describe two (2) possible explanations for Bruce’s average performance.
  3. Describe a conflict resolution approach Bruce should use to resolve this situation successfully.

 Part B

Objective: Discuss the facial expressions related to emotions.

  1. Describe subconscious processes, nonconscious processes, and mindlessness.
  2. Provide one (1) personal example of a behavior for each process.

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